Monday, March 25, 2013

Another meta day

"How Noam Chomsky is discussed"  This is one of the most bizarre things I've ever read.  Apparently although Noam is so influential and important that "there is no living political writer who has more radically changed how more people think in more parts of the world about political issues", a few offhand comments that may or may not have been made about him are giving Greenwald a bad case of the vapors.  It is like reading a committed Catholic write about the Pope!

Lèse majesté everywhere: "Ari Emanuel Unhappy With Brian Williams Interview, Sends Furious Legal Letter to NBC"

"The National Security Advisor Exception Under the Espionage Act"  "Sandy Berger’s Heavy Lifting"  "Sandy Berger: What Did He Take and Why Did He Take It?"

The Mossad is worried that the imprisonment and murder of a well-meaning Israeli intelligence asset for nothing other than having a conscience might impair future recruitment, and so has fabricated a crime - an utterly unbelievable tall tale -  using one of its usual propaganda outlets:  "Zygier Case Revealed: In Failing to Penetrate Iran and Hezbollah, He Exposed Israeli Spies in Lebanon"  "Ben Zygier’s Betrayal Led to Worst Mossad Debacle in Decades"

"Charles Krafft and the Conundrum of Nazi Art"  This is hilarious.  I can't tell if his sin was his political beliefs, or the fact that he was being sincere rather than the hipster-preferred ironic.  His work goes from brilliant to kitsch without any change in the physical objects themselves.  Since he never tried to hide anything, his real art is a long performance piece criticising the silliness of art criticism and the art market.

"Spanish party dismisses Holocaust remembrance as ‘Israeli propaganda’"

"Twitter hit with $50M suit over anti-Semitic tweeter data"
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