Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spies and spin

"US defence contractor, 59, 'gave classified information to 27-year-old Chinese lover in honeytrap'"  "Sex Succeeds In Securing Secrets"

"How life of spy Ben Zygier unravelled"  I think this story was actually written by the Mossad (for example, how could you possibly determine conclusively that the Milan company was not a Mossad front?).  It neatly ties up two Mossad problems simultaneously, the Zygier death and its effect on recruitment, and the remarkable recent success of Lebanese officials in winding up Israeli spy networks.  The idea that Zygier was out in the cold, and tried to double a Hezbollah agent in order to get back into the Mossad, sounds exactly like a discarded script from the cartoonish American television series 'Burn Notice'.

"Kaboom"  The clean-up crew tries to deal with the problem of the discovery of what looks like an operation by the 1% to use extreme violence to ruin the Occupy Movement.

The clean-up crew is also hard at work on the Menendez case:  "Lawyer behind Menendez prostitution allegations recants, fabricates media conspiracy"

"Operation Israel"  "Anonymous Operation Israel"  "Mossad Website breached, Personal Details of over 30,000 Mossad Agents Leaked by Anon" (with links to the spreadsheet - possibly disinformation, but probably interesting to various intelligence agencies - in the first posting).
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