Thursday, March 07, 2013

The reaction is instructive

The crazies and the assholes and the crazy assholes react to the death of a very important and influential and good person:
  1. "Death Of A Dictator: Venezuela Free of the Clutches of Chavez" by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  2. "Obama’s Atrocious Statement on Chavez’s Death" by Jennifer Rubin.  We have to give Barry and the US State Department some credit here.  In most places in South America and the Middle East the reputation of the United States could not possibly be lower, and piling on and gloating over a death, a death which many feel the United States is responsible for, would simply be stupid.
  3. "A post-Chávez checklist for US policymakers"  Read the comments!
  4. "Venezuela: Chávez’s Authoritarian Legacy"  Gratuitous slurring by Human Rights Watch is simply bizarre, so much so that even the Angry Arab can't resist the obvious 'anti-Semitic' conclusion.
  5. "Harper's response to the death of Hugo Chavez was both arrogant and baseless"
  6. "The double standards of Hugo Chavez" by Brian Whitaker
  7. "Venezuela and the Middle East after Chavez"  As any moral and decent person can immediately see, the hypocrite with contradictions is 'Langley' himself.  In fact, what is most striking about Hugo Chavez, and what gained him so much honest admiration around the world, is the consistency of his politics.
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