Thursday, March 14, 2013

The sins of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez was the most important person in the world when he died.  Why did he evoke so much pure hatred amongst the right-wing assholes?:
  1. Although, as many have pointed out, he could have done a lot more - and to be fair, he planned more, and was under constant threat of another attack or coup from the United States - he appropriated some of the rents stolen from the people of Venezuela by the global 1%, including even some from Exxon, i. e., the Rockefellers.  You just don't do that and expect to get away with it.
  2. He was extremely influential all across South America.  While the ideas may have come from Fidel, Fidel was never really able to gain much influence outside Cuba.  Venezuela is now much more influential in South America than the United States, and the economic success of South American economies released from the shackles of neoliberalism and the United States should lead to more influence around the world.
  3. Modern economics, a pathetic collection of pure nonsense and lies, was created expressly as a propaganda device to protect the interests of the 1%.  In particular, it is intended to reinforce the notion that there is no alternative to turbo capitalism, and all attempts to provide any help to the poor will not only fail but will also grievously backfire, leaving the poor worse off than before.  The only choice is to allow the 1% to have their way, and trust in a little trickle down.  The last 30 years or so have conclusively proven that modern economics is a lie.  Hugo Chavez demonstrated that you could defy the predictions of modern economics, help the poor, and have a successful economy.  This is so hard for the toady journalists to understand that they actually make up data about Venezuela in order to prove to themselves that everything they think they know isn't wrong.  This kind of paradigm shift hurts the tiny brains of the evil and the stupid.
  4. Hugo Chavez stayed true to his friends, and stayed true to the truth.  He called George Bush the devil, and refused to abandon his friends despite enormous pressure, particularly from 'progressives' and World Jewry (as we've seen, pretty much the same group). One of the main techniques of the devils is to cause the righteous to break from their friends on the basis of dubious and unimportant phony differences of opinion.
  5. Perhaps most importantly, Hugo Chavez defied the edict of the 1% that the poor are to be without hope.  Hopelessness leads to despair and an inability to act.  It was the poor who defeated the coups and the coup plotters, and kept Hugo Chavez in power.  He gave hope to them, and they proved to themselves that they were in control of their future.  This is the main thing that capitalism is afraid of.  Once the poor see the effects of their own actions, the lies of the 1% fall away.
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