Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Does Russia Have its Eye on Strategic Cyprus?"  Cyprus banks are just a tool of international Jewish criminality, by crime groups based in Russia and Israel, and the Europeans (well, Germans) are fed up.  You have to feel sorry for the people of Cyprus, but maybe, just maybe, could they chose a government that hasn't been utterly corrupted by World Jewry and turns a blind eye to the worst financial chicanery in the world?  Note that the proposed plan for Russia to save Cyprus involves Russia taking over exploitation of the offshore gas fields that Israel intended to exploit.  You have to wonder if this is the big discussion in Israel now between that criminal state and the Americans.

"On This Tenth Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, a Reminder, According to the UN Charter, the Invasion was Illegal"

"The reporter, his foreign-minister father and the war that consumed them"  Note that the Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs couldn't use the phone as he knew the Americans had it bugged.

"Judis! Play it fucking loud"  Polite discussions of the role of American journalists will always omit the role of the Jew-controlled media in promoting a War For The Jews for Jewish violent group supremacist goals.  Note also the constant reminders that it was a War For Oil, one of the most ludicrous ideas anyone has ever promoted, but necessary to protect the guilty.

"The Secret Service Almost Shot Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2006"

"The Internet is a surveillance state"  We've accepted the Panopticon.
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