Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Bush-Barry continuum:  "CIA 'black site' agent promoted":
"The woman agent who ran a secret CIA operation to waterboard al-Qaeda operatives in Thailand has been selected as the first female to run the spy agency's clandestine operations division.

US media reports  from Washington said the woman was appointed earlier this month. It was yet another sign the Obama administration has adopted virtually all the anti-terrorist policies of the administration of ex-president George W Bush.


But Thailand, so far, has not been mentioned in any legal proceedings from the post-9/11 actions against al-Qaeda terrorists. The existence of a CIA-run black house in Thailand has been frequently reported in the media, but all Thai governments have denied knowledge of any such operation.

The new CIA director of clandestine operations was under investigation briefly because, in 2005, she authorised and took part in the destruction of more than 90 videotapes of interrogations at the Thailand black site.

Her boss at the time, Jose Rodriguez, claimed in a book written after his retirement that he was trying to protect the identities of CIA interrogators. But the CIA officially reprimanded him for the action, effectively ending his career.

Members of the US Democratic Party on the senate intelligence committee wrote a report, still classified, that said top CIA officers, presumably including the new clandestine services director, misled supervisors and members of the US Congress about the programme's value.

They charged it was "managed incompetently by senior officials who did not pay attention to details". The CIA may respond by next week."
Barry the humanitarian: "Guantanamo hunger strikers 'denied water'" "Growing Guantanamo Bay hunger strike springs from ‘hopelessness,’ says lawyer" "Guantanamo Exposes Reality of US Fascism"

"Democrats Come Up Short In Sequestration Standoff" Note that the bipartisan plan is for the elites to decide that sequestration caused no problems at all (except of course for potential layoffs at military contractors, a serious problem that must be fixed immediately), leading to a call for permanent spending cuts on anything that might possibly benefit somebody who isn't in the 1%.

Rahm the racist:  "'Our city is under siege right now.'"
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