Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Kissinger Sees Little Hope for Mideast Peace, Arab Spring"  Wrong, or lying, about everything.

"CIA begins sizing up Islamic extremists in Syria for drone strikes"  Editing your proxy army.  It is always amazing how over-confident the Americans are in their ability to micromanage the messes they create.

"MI6 and CIA Were Told Before Invasion That Iraq Had No Active WMD"  "Iraq war: the greatest intelligence failure in living memory"  Not only did they have no positive evidence for what they all swore up and down was true, but they actually had insider evidence against the possibility of WMD.

"Barbarian Rhapsody: Ten Years Deeper Into Hell":
"So here we are. Ten years on from the frenzied paroxysm (or was it an orgasm?) of mass violence -- which was itself the culmination of years of the bipartisan war-by-sanctions that American officials have openly acknowledged killed more than half a million Iraqi children -- what is the central "moral" issue of our national politics today? This once-unimaginable, horribly depraved and obscene question: Should the president be allowed to murder any American citizen he chooses, or should there perhaps be be some kind of secret Congressional oversight of the secret killing program? (The idea of restricting the president's power to kill any filthy foreigner he chooses is not in question anywhere in our national politics, of course; Rand Paul wasn't filibustering against that idea. No, any debate on the "ethics" of state murder is restricted to its application to Americans, who, as we know, are the only fully human beings on the face of the earth.)

Given the current trajectory of our plunge into barbarism, I predict that in just a few years we'll be "debating" whether the president has the right to stick the severed heads of "terrorists" on spikes outside the White House, or if the heads should be passed around discreetly to members of the relevant Senate committees before being dumped in the ocean."
"The Mysterious Case of the Sulu Sultan"

 Conservatism and facts are like oil and water:  "'In the world of science, they are rock stars...'"  "Harper government’s reckless and undemocratic muzzling of scientists: Editorial"

"Hamilton man's case raises questions about CSIS complaints process"  This is heavy-duty, full-fledged police state stuff, and note what got him in trouble.

"The best defense is a good offense"  Is is funny how the Jews keep altering their tone, from calling Americans the worst 'anti-Semites', to pretending to make nice.  If Barry fears the US intelligence apparatus more than the Jews, and fails to come through, watch for the slurring to start up again.

The Dominican clean-up crew is pulling double shifts:  "Dominican Police Confirm Three Prostitutes Were Paid to Lie About Having Sex With U.S. Senator"

"FBI says it has identified thieves behind Boston museum heist"  "FBI Officials Want You to Know They Still Haven’t Solved the Greatest Art Heist in American History"  Too busy entrapping Muslims to have any time to solve actual crimes.

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