Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Argentina’s President slams Israel Lobby":
"Guillermo Borger, while criticizing Kirchner government’s decision, claimed that the “truth commision” would result in a third bombing. In response, Kirchner accused Borger of being in contact with a foreign espionage agency (Mossad) – and said that’s how Borger knew about the coming terrorist attack. I bet Kirchner is not ignorant of Israel’s hundreds of terrorist false flag operations."
"Las Vegas Sands says "likely" violated U.S. corruption act" Sheldon's support of Romney has cost him some of the usual protections.

"Jewish Voice for Weizmann"  Lite Zionism is just a branch of hard-core Zionism, a slightly different set of tactical choices with the same desired end result.

"Israeli News Documentary Finds Israeli Intelligence Agencies Negligent in Zygier Suicide"  Note how Silverstein has become one of the main 'limited hangout' outlets for Israeli intelligence.  Throw in a few concessions that appear to be slightly embarrassing, paint the whole thing as a leak, and you can spin whatever scenario the Israeli government wants people to believe.  At the moment, Israeli intelligence wants to convince future possible recruits that they don't murder their own.
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