Friday, March 15, 2013

We're all a little fuzzy

"Official Account of the 9/11 Attacks Unraveling"  Lee Hamilton: "I’m a little fuzzy on this . . ."

"Freedom Rider: Rand Paul Exposes the Democrats"  "We Stand with Rand"

"On Questioning the Jewish State" Only notable as it is in the NYT.

"Why Israel Is Calling For Jonathan Pollard's Release Now":
"If there’s an air of extreme urgency to this latest clemency campaign, that’s at least partly because time is running out. According to his Federal Bureau of Prisons profile, Pollard is scheduled for parole in November 2015. For those interested in making political hay from the poor guy’s misery, therefore, this is probably the last chance.

. . .

And even if commutation or pardon isn’t forthcoming, as seems inevitable given the fierce opposition of the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence community, raising Pollard during the visit offers a rare opportunity for the Israeli right to embarrass Obama before the world media. Already the president caused a stir in Jerusalem by declining to address the Knesset, reportedly out of fear that rightists would create a commotion. Feiglin had vowed to walk out of the chamber. It wasn’t clear how many others would join him. Instead Obama will address an invited audience at the Jerusalem convention center.

On the other hand, the potential for embarrassment cuts both ways. It was less than a month ago that Israel and the world were shocked by disclosures about another Diaspora Jew who was exploited by Israeli intelligence, trapped between two loyalties and ended up in prison. In that case the compromised agent was an Australian native, Ben Zygier, and the prison where he ended up was Israeli. And unlike Pollard, he didn’t survive his incarceration."
"Of Popes and Jews":
"First of all, the fact that the Catholic pope isn't a jew does not keep jews, big or small, from criticizing him, or other religious leaders for that matter. The underlying presumption is that even non-jews can and should be doing more to serve the best interests of jews."
"Jewish Intellectual Bernard-Henry Levy and the War in Lybia"
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