Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tables turned

"'Saudi Arabia was betting on advantageous military developments in Syria when in reality tables were turned against Riyadh & allies!'"

We never get quite enough good information - reporting from Syria is bad even by the abysmal standards of modern 'journalism', not to mention the fact that it is all Jew-centric propaganda - but is it fair to say that the tide turned for Assad - and the tide certainly has turned - when Hezbollah started helping him in a big way?  The Jews must be wondering if they are again too clever by half - they are giving Hezbollah fighters a tune-up for when the Jews inevitably illegally invade Lebanon yet again to steal land and water, and they have turned the once mediocre Syrian army into a first-rate modern fighting machine.


"‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home" by Daniel Hopsicker

"New questions on Boston bombing suspects’ ties to US intelligence"

Note the technique.  Uncle Ruslan is your George de Mohrenschildt character, one of those guys who exist everywhere with multiple irons in the fire and connections to all walks of life, particularly in, but not limited to, his own ethnic community.  He is tied through a transparently obvious intermediary to 'al Qaeda' in Chechnya (and note the use of a 'charity'/NGO), through his family to the patsy brothers, and to the CIA through his business connections, in particular to a 'retired' Lansdale type using the Rand Corporation as a cover.  The CIA's sloppiness is using the same central character to fight a proxy war against Russia using 'al Qaeda' and a false-flag war against the American people in Boston.  Having said that, note how much more successful the Boston terror conspiracy was than the Benghazi clusterfuck, where the American ambassador, without the use of any cut-outs, tried to secretly move weapons from Libya to 'al Qaeda' in Syria.

Monday, April 29, 2013

'Lefties' for 'al Qaeda'

"Solidarity with Syria"  I'm sorry to see Ilan Pappé on the list.

"Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy" (bearing in mind that this is one axis of the Jewish billionaire propaganda system, albeit correct in this case; my emphasis in red):
"Across Syria, rebel-held areas are dotted with Islamic courts staffed by lawyers and clerics, and by fighting brigades led by extremists. Even the Supreme Military Council, the umbrella rebel organization whose formation the West had hoped would sideline radical groups, is stocked with commanders who want to infuse Islamic law into a future Syrian government.

Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of."
"The Islamist character of the opposition reflects the main constituency of the rebellion, which has been led since its start by Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority, mostly in conservative, marginalized areas. The descent into brutal civil war has hardened sectarian differences, and the failure of more mainstream rebel groups to secure regular arms supplies has allowed Islamists to fill the void and win supporters.

The religious agenda of the combatants sets them apart from many civilian activists, protesters and aid workers who had hoped the uprising would create a civil, democratic Syria.

When the armed rebellion began, defectors from the government’s staunchly secular army formed the vanguard. The rebel movement has since grown to include fighters with a wide range of views, including Qaeda-aligned jihadis seeking to establish an Islamic emirate, political Islamists inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood and others who want an Islamic-influenced legal code like that found in many Arab states."
Progressives - real progressives - in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s (although things started to go wrong in the 60s) never had this muddle-headed problem in figuring out what they were really promoting.  In this case they are unquestionably promoting the human rights standards of the Middle Ages.

Flailing around

Ruslan has become a little too hot (the CIA connection), and 'Misha' comes to us via Ruslan. so they've dropped 'Misha' and replaced him with a dead Canadian boxer and the mother. Of course, in a pinch, there is always 'self-radicalization'.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boston to Russia to Syria

Cryptome has zip files of various materials relating to the connection of the Tsarnaev brothers through their uncle Ruslan to the CIA.  The denial.  Sibel Edmonds had previously identified Fuller as one of her "American Deep State rogues", i.e., exactly the kind of fellow who would be involved in this kind of deception.  Golden Rule of conspiracy theory:  if you are following a story and you run into one of these Lansdale types, there are no more 'coincidences'.

Btw, Edmonds has a truly appalling theory that the US will give the Russians carte blanche to clean up their Muslim problem in exchange for the Russians throwing Assad under the bus.  This is ridiculous as:
  1. the Russians have never accepted the (American) idea that they have to wait for anybody's permission to clean up their own backyard (especially on a ludicrous - coming from the Americans - 'human rights' pretense!), and in fact committed, and continue to commit, the most horrible human rights abuses against the Chechens with nary a whimper from Washington (the neocons sometimes mention this as part of a general program of encouraging American militarism - as American militarism is 'good for the Jews' - but never really had their heart in complaining as they really, really, really like the mass slaughter of Muslims, even if they aren't the ones doing it); and
  2. although we hear assertions to the contrary every month from the Jews, the Russians have never given up on Assad, and, unless they want to see American proxy armies of Sunni radical Islamists tearing their country apart, would be foolish to give up on Assad (Russian foreign policy is based on Russian self-interest, an idea American can't comprehend, as their foreign policy has to always be based on what is 'good for the Jews').
The ridiculous American half-assertion - coming directly from Israeli lies, naturally - of Assad's use of chemical weapons comes as Assad's army is making major gains against the foreign interlopers, and is merely a warning that they want him to stop before total victory so he can sit down to 'negotiations', i.e., instructions from the Jews on how to weaken himself for Israel's benefit. 

Assad has benefited greatly from the fact that World Jewry - which instructs the Americans on what their foreign policy is to be - is greatly torn on the issue of Syria.  The old-fashioned Jewish billionaires follow the most basic Jewish idea that gentiles ought to be tricked into fighting each other, and that Syria should be broken up into little statelets (Oded Yinon's Zionist Plan for the Middle East).  The more modern Jewish billionaires  - Soros, etc, the ones who now hold Barry's chattel slavery papers - recognize that Assad has been so ineffectual that he is actually 'good for the Jews', and whatever might arise after Assad is very likely to be more dangerous to Jewish interests.  The original primary goal of removing Assad was to break up the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis, and disrupt military supply routes to Hezbollah so that the Jews can have a better shot at stealing southern Lebanon and the water of the Litani River (that water is the preoccupation of the Israeli 1%).  A ruined Syria will allow for excellent smuggling routes, and Hezbollah shouldn't have any trouble receiving supplies, leaving the primary goal as unachievable.  World Jewry is best off now with a weakened Assad ruling a ruined country, so that is how Barry will be instructed, and that is the result we can expect to see.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The only possible conclusion

"After Attack, Suspects Returned to Routines, Raising No Suspicions"

"Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official"

Read these two articles.  How do you deal with the amazing 'coincidences' in the life of the uncle?  How do you deal with the combination of no attempt at disguise, suspects leading perfectly normal lives the day after, and then a crazed frenzy at escape (not to mention the amazing series of outright lies told by American authorities)?  You just can't.  If you have an IQ over 75, you can only reach one possible conclusion - false flag.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The lifespan of a patsy

We've reached the point in any false flag, when the authorities, perhaps giddy from all the seemingly successful lying, start to lay it on a bit thick (the brothers obviously weren't even prepared to get out of Boston, but I guess Bloomberg was feeling ignored).  American officials lied about there being other bombs (or they covered them up - the fire at the JFK Library was some coincidence - as they did on 9/11), they probably lied about the details of the stolen car (in order to cover up the fact the brothers used Tamerlan's car), they lied about the 7-11 robbery, they outright murdered Tamerlan and lied in blaming it on Dzhokhar, and they lied about Dzhokhar having a gun so they could justify their attempt to murder him (his survival, after over an hour of police bullets, is a miracle).  Now we are supposed to believe a series of increasingly ridiculous lies to cover up the false flag. It is extra ironic that Tamerlan's CIA trip to Dagestan is being used to explain how he was 'radicalized'.

As Lee Harvey Oswald knows, the lifespan of a patsy after an operation is very short.  It is likely Tippet was supposed to kill Oswald, and when that failed Oswald was supposed to die 'resisting arrest' in the Texas Theater, until they had to send in Jack Ruby to do the job. Both brothers were supposed to end up dead.  I was a little worried when the Jew-controlled media started to boast he was being treated by Israeli doctors (and that the Boston hospital was able to look after the victims of the blasts because they were trained by Israelis, and how this never would have happened if the United States used Israeli security methods, and how immigration reform should have a Muslim exception  . . . . ).

The death penalty, on the table because of the ludicrous assertion the brothers used a Weapon of Mass Destruction, is being used to force a plea bargain which will involve a gag order.  Forty years from now, when Dzhokhar is released, it won't matter what he has to say.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loose ends

American authorities need to explain how the brothers had so much money and no visible means of support:  "Drugs sales may have financed Boston terror plot"  'May have' - no real evidence, but they need an explanation other than the CIA.

Also a complete reversal of their lies on the shootout:
"Also, two U.S. officials say Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect, was unarmed when police captured him hiding inside a boat in a neighborhood back yard. Authorities originally said they had exchanged gunfire with Dzhokhar for more than one hour Friday evening before they were able to subdue him."
In actual fact, they just kept shooting at Dzhokhar for more than an hour, with no return fire ("Officials: Boston suspect had no firearm when barrage of bullets hit hiding place"), and it is completely clear he wasn't supposed to survive.  Remember, they also shot Tamerlan to death, and made up a really tall tale that he died due to being run over by Dzhokhar.

By the way, wasn't every single police action by the Boston police and FBI on this matter a complete and utter fuck-up?

Intelligence-wise though, they are still champs:  "CIA pushed to add Boston bomber to terror watch list"  If you read this carefully, you can see how the CIA and FBI can play these 'terrorist lists' like a violin to get their assets in and out of the country and then set them up as patsies.

Another list of discrepancies:  "Orwell does America":
"What the day-long delay in Dzhokhar's arrest indeed made possible was to turn Watertown into a monster dry run for urban martial law - euphemized as ''lockdown'' - in a very near future.

As total militarization of civilian life goes - featuring, for instance, Homeland Security running amok with hundreds of armored vehicles - this was a major success. Meanwhile, on the ''legal'' front, the White House and the Justice Department are firmly on track to finally suppress the Miranda warning; that went into effect already two years ago, when an Obama secret executive order ruled the Miranda warning would not apply to suspected terrorists.

Dzhokhar is a ''suspected'' terrorist - now charged with using and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction, yet already convicted by corporate media. Welcome to Police State USA - where at least everyone still has the right to go out shopping. For now."

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The neocon wheel keeps turning

"Pentagon Officer Created Phony Intel on Iraq/al-Qaeda Link":
"Newly released documents confirm that a Pentagon unit knowingly cooked up intelligence claiming a direct link between Iraq and al-Qaeda in order to win support for a preemptive strike against the country.
A report prepared by the Defense Department's Inspector General for Carl Levin, the Democratic Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, explicitly shows how former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith used his defense department position to cook intelligence claiming a connection between the terrorist organization and Saddam Hussein's regime."
"Lopez: Why should I think “Iran” when I hear “al Qaeda”?

Ledeen: Because they’ve been working together since 1994, and we are now up to our uvulas in evidence showing Iran’s support for al Qaeda in Iraq. The 9/11 Commission — as Tom Joscelyn has written for years — found striking evidence of the al Qaeda/Iran partnership, starting with the sensational discovery that Imad Mughniyah, the operational chief of Hezbollah, was on the plane that took some of the 9/11 terrorists out of Saudi Arabia, en route to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Lopez: So does bin Laden and crew work for Iran? Have they always?

Ledeen: I don’t know about “always.” Certainly they have worked closely with Iran for quite a while. I think the Iranian domination of al Qaeda started when we destroyed al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The key leaders ran to Iran and have mostly been there ever since.

Lopez: Was Iran involved in 9/11?

Ledeen: I don’t know. It’s possible, but certainly unproven. The most tantalizing factoid is the story of Ramzi bin al Shibh, the logistics officer for the 9/11 operation. He went to Iran for a month in late December, 2000, and then he returned to Iran less than a week before 9/11."
"Bush Floats War Against Iran" by Ted Rall (there were tradecraft reasons for using Iran as a via point):
"According to a Newsweek report about the new 9/11 Commission Report, "Iranian officials instructed their border inspectors not to place Iranian or Afghan stamps in the passports of Saudi terrorists traveling from Osama bin Laden's training camps through Iran." Calling this "the strongest evidence yet of a relationship between Iran and Al Qaeda," the report notes that "eight to ten of the 'muscle' hijackers of the September 11 plot" crossed through Iran from Afghanistan, "undoubtedly help[ing] the 9/11 terrorists pass into the United States without raising alarms among U.S. Customs and visa officials...the report raises new, sharper questions about whether the Bush Administration was focused on the right enemy when it decided to remove Saddam Hussein."

The invasion of Iraq was preceded by similar trial balloons in the press. Should Bush remain in office this November and the "we invaded the wrong Ira-" argument catch fire among a complacent and compliant media, we may be fighting a third unwinnable war against a Muslim state a year from now.

There's even less evidence of a link between Al Qaeda and Iran than between Al Qaeda and Iraq--but that's not stopping E-Z Boy warriors like Cheney and Rumsfeld.

First and foremost, there's no reason to believe that Afghan or Iranian visa stamps would have caused alarm at the U.S. border. My passport is thick with stamps from countries in Central Asia and the Middle East, including those issued by both the Taliban and Northern Alliance governments of Afghanistan. Only two countries, France and Israel, have asked me about them. Even after 9/11, U.S. Customs never examined them.

Furthermore, Iran doesn't stamp Saudi passports for good reason: the Saudi government, dominated by Wahhabi Sunni extremists, despises Shia Iran. Viewing Shiites as pseudo-Islamic heretics more contemptible than infidels, the Saudi regime takes a dim view of those who travel to Iran--a fact that Iranian customs takes into account when welcoming Saudi visitors so they don't get into trouble back home.

Another mystery: Why does the December 2001 National Security Agency memo cited by Newsweek mention Afghan visa stamps? Iran has no more ability to issue Afghan visas than Mexico has to issue American ones.

The big reason to doubt an Iran-Al Qaeda connection is historical. In one of many events unknown to most Americans, Taliban forces under Mullah Mohammad Omar seized the Iranian consulate at Mazar-e-Sharif in 1998. After the Afghans murdered ten Iranian diplomats and one journalist there, Iran massed troops on the border and threatened war against Afghanistan. (The crisis passed when the Taliban apologized and turned over the bodies.)

To say the least, it's extremely unlikely that Iran would have formed a cozy alliance with Mullah Omar's bosom buddies in Al Qaeda just two years later in 2000, as the Bushies now claim. In fact, despite having no diplomatic relations with the United States, Iran provided back-channel assistance to the Bush Administration during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, including turning over Al Qaeda suspects and offering to rescue American pilots shot down near the Iran-Afghanistan border. "It's definitely the case that there was no love lost between Iran and the Taliban," John Pike, director of the defense think tank Global Security, said in 2002. "
"Stupendous hostage rescue was simply ransom payoff."
 "US behind Canada’s anti-Iran allegations to cover up al-Qaeda ties"

"Iran denies link to Canada train 'al-Qaeda plot'"

"Toronto terrorism plot takedown helps Conservatives sell anti-terror measures: Tim Harper"

"Conservative anti-terror bill and arrests match up beautifully, don’t they: Mallick":
"How odd. The week after the Boston bombings, the Conservative government had MPs suddenly debating an anti-terror bill that had long been hanging around with its hands in its pockets. The very same day, conveniently, the RCMP arrested two alleged terrorists.
They had a tip from an imam, the cops said. They got it a year ago.
Call me cynical. I’m not, I am hopeful credulity itself, but the anti-terror bill is shameful and the arrests dubious. The police press conference consisted of a dozen white male cops — and a token female — in a variety of uniforms congratulating each other and offering next to no information."

Reminds me of how the anthrax attacks directed at American politicians occurred when the neocons were having trouble forcing through the Patriot Act.  The threat of death for voting the wrong way worked like a charm (the analogy is perfect, as Canadian politicians get free train travel, and the attack is said to be against the rail system, meaning the threat of the attack can be felt directly by the politicians).  Camel Club to the rescue.

Missing the obvious explanation

"The Tsarnaev Family: More And More Evidence Of Asylum Fraud"  The racist right sees an opportunity on the immigration reform front, but misses the more obvious American intelligence connections.  Reminds me of all those American visas handed out in Saudi Arabia in the early months of this millennium.

I note that Steve Sailer, who usually hides the racism behind a Pioneer-Fund-style academic facade, is foaming at the mouth in attacks on Chechens.

Nobody tells the Big Turk what to do

"Turkey Criticizes Kerry Over Request to Postpone Visit to Gaza"

Erdogan's job is to make money for the Turkish 1% by doing deals with the Jews - particularly the upcoming gas deals - while pretending to be a good Muslim for the Turkish voters.  The visit to Gaza is just fluff, as Erdogan doesn't give a flying fuck about the Palestinians.  To give Erdogan a propaganda helping hand, Kerry requests he postpone his Gaza visit, thus giving Erdogan the opportunity to prove his Turkish manliness by defying the United States.  Pure theater.

For you non-Canadians: Big Turk

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tamerlan’s imaginary friend

Get ready for a whole lot of manufactured back-story:  "Boston Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Influenced By Mysterious Radical"  This entire story still requires considerable propping up just to get over the guffaw threshold.  Ruslan continues to earn his keep.

'Respectable' people have nothing to say about any of this

"The 11 Most Mystifying Things the Tsarnaev Brothers Did"

"Something's Rotten in Boston - Who's Investigating the FBI Investigators?":
"Then there’s the money thing. We’re told that Tamerlan had dropped out of community college because of money problems, right? Community college? That costs almost nothing to attend. That’s the whole point of community colleges: everyone can afford them. And he was reportedly only going part-time! But then, the two brothers are driving around in a Mercedes and wearing fancy clothes?

We’re talking about two brothers, both in school, with a father who was ill and living in Dagestan, who had worked as a curbside mechanic while in the US, and a mother who had a home beauty salon business, and these lads somehow were stylish dressers and drove around in an expensive car -- expensive to buy even used, and terribly expensive to maintain, too.

Where did all that money come from? We don’t know. Tamerlan was reportedly working at things like delivering pizza during that period This while living with his wife and caring at home for their young daughter, now three. Tamerlan’s wife was said to be supporting the struggling family by working “60-80 hours a week” as a home health care aide, one of the lowest-paying jobs you can find, often paying less than minimum wage."
"And then there’s a jarring interview on a Boston-area radio call-in program called the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show from a woman named “Linda,” who says she witnessed the shootout between the two brothers and police in which Tamerlan was killed. The woman, who says she was staying over at her boyfriend’s house on Watertown’s Dexter Street, claims they “rushed to the front” of the house when they heard the commotion and “saw the suspect get hit by a Police SUV, and then after he was hit, get shot multiple times.” Clarifying, under questioning from the radio host, she says he was hit first by the police, and then adds, “from what we saw early this morning I’d be hard pressed to think he was actually pronounced dead at the hospital, I mean from the injuries that he incurred in the street I would say he was probably dead when he was put in the ambulance.” She goes on to suggest that Tamerlan may have been executed by police: “I just remember him get shot multiple times.” Of course, “Linda” could be a complete fake, but her story, completely at odds with the official one that has a ruthless and uncaring Dzhokhar running over his own brother in the firefight, dragging him 30 feet down the road before escaping himself from a police cordon on foot."
"Dzhokhar himself, the 19-year-old younger brother of Tamerlan, currently being held under tight security in Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital where he is in serious condition with two bullet wounds and is being reportedly questioned by the FBI, is lucky to be alive at all. When he was discovered, weakened from blood loss, hiding inside a trailer-mounted pleasure boat in a retired New England Telephone employee’s driveway, police called to the scene by the owner, David Henneberry, initially pumped bullets into the boat trying to kill him, until they were told to stop firing by a supervisor. It is not known whether the bullet that hit Dzhokhar’s neck, producing a wound which now reportedly prevents him from talking, was one of those fired by police at that time."

"Boston frames surveillance debate"  "Peter King, again, touts Kelly and calls for a focus on Muslims in America" (King has nothing against terrorism, just Muslims)  "Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Connections make the patsy

"Was Boston Bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA?" by Daniel Hopsicker - family connections in all sorts of interesting directions, both high-level Americans and local gangsters.

"Craig Murray: ‘Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense’"  "Boston Marathon bombing: Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have met Dagestan rebels"  The Russians must have known and let Tamerlan in for a visit as part of this cat and mouse game they are playing with the Americans (better to let him in and leave doubt in the Americans whether he can be trusted).

"Chechen Terrorists and the Neocons" by Coleen Rowley

Tamerlan was a high-level boxer who would have needed steroids and so ran with local gangster drug dealers:
  1. "MA - Waltham Triple Murder, 12 Sept 2011"
  2. "“Boston Bomber's” Former Friends Suspect Him In Triple Murder"
  3. "The Reported 'Best Friend' Of The Dead Boston Bombing Suspect Was The Victim In Brutal Unsolved Murder Two Years Ago"
  4. "Owners of 'Terrorista #1' BMW taken into custody over Boston bombings AGAIN: Feds arrest two men 'who were friends with suspect for immigration violation'"
It is amusing how absolutely classic Tamerlan's background is for him to end up as the patsy of an intelligence agency. 

Round peg in thin rectangular hole

We are still in a situation where the only evidence against the brothers is the photo analysis performed by American government officials.

And yet if you look at the photos something doesn't click:  "Boston Bombing Suspect Charged":
"Authorities claim both brothers used pressure cookers packed with metal and ball bearings rigged to explode. How they fit in their back packs wasn't explained. Ones they wore weren't large enough."
I've been looking at my pressure cooler and thinking exactly the same thing. A pressure cooker is a cylinder.  If you managed to squeeze it into such a backpack - and I don't think you could - it would form a noticeable shape in the backpack.  A pressure cooker filled with shrapnel would also be very heavy and there is no evidence of heaviness in the photos.  Even the 'Craft' backpacks which are bigger would not have been big enough.  You would need something like a duffel bag, and the heft of it would be obvious in the gait of the person carrying it.

More thoughts

The problems with the ridiculousness of the Official Story are starting to appear, although the usual suspects with their usual Islamophobic motives are also doubling down on the crazy.

"Boston bombing suspects: Tsarnaevs' motive in attack sought":
"Bettencourt, the University of Massachusetts student, said he saw Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the campus gym the day after the bombing. “I talked to him about it like he was a regular kid,” Bettencourt said. He recalled Dzhokhar Tsarnaev saying, “tragedies happen.”"
"The two brothers displayed an amateurish modus operandi, failing to disguise themselves from cameras, suggesting they were motivated by feelings of social alienation as immigrants in the U.S., said Philip Mudd, a former CIA deputy director in the agency’s Counterterrorist Center. “They didn’t have an after-action plan,” Mudd said on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” program Monday. “This looks more to me like Columbine than it does like al-Qaeda,” Mudd said on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the 1999 high school shootings in Columbine, Colo., by two teenage boys that killed 12 students and a teacher, and wounded 21."
Authorities have quietly reversed themselves on the 7-11 robbery, probably realizing that the brothers' desperate need for money and their complete unpreparedness for any kind of escape makes a mockery of the Official Story.

"The FBI Boston-Chechnya charade"  The elder brother probably wasn't radicalized in Chechnya, he was probably spying for the Americans.

"Bad Reporting on Boston Marathon Attack"  Here comes the sleeper cell:  "Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev"  On a lighter note:  "Kerry Compares Boston Victims, Marmara Terrorists"

Note how American authorities managed to enforce martial law over the entire city of Boston, with not only nary a peep of protest from 'civil libertarians', but with actual cheering by the populace for the police.  This will be an excellent precedent for the American government.  Note also the big deal made about the 'emergency exception' to the reading of Miranda Rights.  This connects to the American right-wing fantasy, now swallowed whole by American 'progresssives', of the '24' scenario - I have to say served up directly from Israel - of imminent terrorist danger requiring immediate questioning, an outright lie in this case as we later found out that Dzhokhar was on death's door, physically unable to speak or communicate in any way. Still, they had to reinforce the idea of terrorism always trumping civil rights, an idea beloved by both right and 'left'.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The family business?

"Brothers in Marathon bombings took two paths into infamy":
"The Tsarnaev brothers were ethnic Chechens, born in the former Soviet Republic now called Kyrgyzstan. Whether they ever lived in war-torn Chechnya is unclear. Their father, Anzor Tsarnaev, was described by family Friday as a former Russian amateur boxing champion. While the family was living in Kyrgyzstan, Anzor Tsarnayev said in an interview Friday by the Russian agency lifenews.ru, they had trouble with government authorities.
“In Kyrgyzstan we were oppressed,” the father said. “We wanted a quiet life. I was afraid for my kids and tried to save them.”
By 2001, the family had taken refuge in Makhachkala, the capital of the predominantly Muslim Russian region of Dagestan, which borders Chechnya. There, the brothers briefly attended grade school. Anzor’s sister Maret Tsarnaeva told reporters that she wrote the refugee petition in April 2002 for the father, mother and youngest son, Dzhokhar, to receive asylum in the United States. The three other children, Tamerlan and his sisters, Alina and Bella, joined the family later."
Ethnic Chechens, started somehow in Kyrgyzstan, where they were 'oppressed'. Moved to Dagestan. From there, sought and received asylum in the U. S.  Family breaks up, father returns to Dagestan, sons seem to have lots of money and no obvious means of support (my emphasis in red):
"Family members said that the Tsarnaevs did not spend any time in Chechnya after the region declared itself independent in 1991. But Tamerlan evidently wanted people to think he had a connection: He told a newspaper in 2004 that he had been born in Grozny. In 2011, Dzhokhar contacted a history professor at UMass Dartmouth who teaches a history course on Chechnya to learn more about Chechen history.

. . .

In the past 10 years, Moscow has consolidated its control over Chechnya, with the help of a local administration that has also been accused of repression and the slayings of several prominent journalists and ­human rights activists.

Though some sporadic violence continues in Chechnya, said Simon Saradzhyan, a ­researcher at Harvard’s Belfer Center, the radical ­Islam that fueled the separatist movement has migrated to neighboring, predominantly Muslim regions in the ­Caucasus.

These include Dagestan, where the Tsarnaevs’ father now lives and which both brothers visited last year.

“[The Tsarnaevs’] ethnicity doesn’t matter very much here
,” said Masha Lipman, a political analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

“They don’t have a history of fighting in the mountains against Russian troops.”"
"Russia warned FBI about terror suspect two years before attack at Boston Marathon"  Do you think the Russians really wanted an answer to that question, or was asking the question part of a counterintelligence operation intended to mess with the CIA?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Does this make any sense at all?

From USA Today:
"The brothers' acts continue to befuddle authorities, family and friends. Students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where Dzhokar was a student, say they saw him on campus following Monday's bombings.

During the overnight and early-morning pursuit of the brothers, a federal official familiar with the case said authorities recovered a handful of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), including one in the possession of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. All of the devices appeared to be homemade explosives, including pipe bombs. Several were detonated by police Friday afternoon. "
"The brothers carjacked a Mercedes SUV between 12:15 and 12:30 a.m, holding the driver at gunpoint for a half hour before he was shoved from the car unharmed. A federal law enforcement official, who was not authorized to comment publicly, said the men allegedly told the driver that they were the Marathon bombers.

The official said the suspects' allegedly acknowledged their roles in the Marathon bombings to both intimidate the driver and brag about the bombings."
So you walk around the future crime scene with no attempt to disguise yourselves (with one brother appearing in public after the bombing).  You've created an arsenal of homemade bombs in order to defend yourselves from the police afterward.  But you have made no effort to secure a vehicle in which to escape - thus necessitating stealing a car after the bombing with simply bizarre bragging - and you have made no effort to have cash on hand in order to be able to flee, necessitating a very risky robbery of a 7-11.  Does this make any sense at all?

"FBI interviewed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, for possible extremist ties two years ago but found no incriminating information"  "So The FBI Investigated "The Marathon Bomber" ..."  "Obama thanks Putin for help in Boston"  That is when the older brother was recruited as a possible asset by the FBI, and Barry had to thank Putin for not letting the cat out of the bag before the FBI had a chance to spin the story.

Or possibly recruited even earlier:  "Some of the suspects’ associates will come under panopticon scrutiny. Some won’t. Keep your eye on them."

"‘This is nothing we would ever expect,’ friends say of Boston suspects"  Despite all the spinning, there is not one shred of evidence of 'radicalization' of either brother.

""Contractors" at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation"  Lucky that they moved from right beside the blast site to out of range before the bomb went off!

American authorities are lucky Americans are so stupid and blinded by Islamophobia, as the Official Story doesn't even begin to hang together properly.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Too far-fetched

"Friend Reached Out To Suspect After FBI Presser, Fearing He’d Be Falsely Accused (VIDEO)":
"Kanno-Youngs admitted that he saw resemblance to his friend when the FBI released photos and videos of Tsarnaev and his older brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, at a Thursday evening press briefing, but he didn't connect the dots because it seemed too far-fetched. In fact, Kanno-Youngs said he reached out to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev out of fear that his friend might be falsely accused."
It is starting to look like the patsy-making machine blew this one by not ensuring that the patsies were plausible 'terrorists'.  No matter.  The media will swallow it whole and concentrate on the Muslim angle.

Strange 'terrorists'

"Strange 'terrorists': One dreamed of career and money, and second one to play for U.S. at Olympics"

"Father of Tsarnayev brothers: 'My children framed'"

"Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev became an American citizen on Sept. 11, 2012."

"Boston Marathon explosions: Show us the evidence, says Toronto aunt of bombing suspects"

Strange inconsistency

There is already a strange inconsistency in the Official Story of the Boston bombers.  It would have been so easy to wear sunglasses, pull down their caps, and keep their heads down.  Simple as this is, it makes an excellent disguise.  Instead, they walked around as if they didn't care if they were identified. They acted like they weren't doing anything wrong.

Yet, once identified by the pictures, they didn't lay low, but acted rashly, almost as if they were attempting suicide by cop.

One explanation for the change might be that they realized there was really no hope, that they were well and truly set up, and chose death over spending decades in the hell that is Guantanamo or the hell that is the American kangaroo court system for 'terrorists'.  Perhaps they had been told that they were helping the authorities by leaving the bags at a spot where there was a security drill (I notice the right-wing kooks have identified possible undercover officials in the crowd pictures).  They would naturally think there was nothing but weights in the bags, and the drill was simply for the officials to identify the possibly dangerous unattended bags.

That is a perfectly good patsy scenario, and explains the huge shift between happy-go-lucky bag carriers and crazed fugitives, but I don't understand what Barry - or even neocons working behind Barry's back - gets out of a false-flag from Chechens.  I know we'll soon get a back-story from the Jew-controlled media that these completely normal seeming guys were actually crazed Islamofascists who hated the American way of life, thus justifying Jews killing Muslims and stealing their land, blah, blah, blah.  Still, it seems rather elaborate for just another excuse to feed hillbillies the same old crap.

Who are you going to bomb?

Chechens are being fingered (the Bonnie and Clyde way they appear to be choosing to go out indicates they may actually be guilty, but who knows).  The Jew-controlled media can, and will, spin the hell out of this, and stir up the hillbillies, but it is hardly optimal.  Who can the Jews wail for Barry to bomb?

More on some earlier lies:  "Other Boston Terror Suspects Turn Themselves In … Appear Innocent"  Nobody will pay any price for any of this warmongering lying, and the same 'experts' will no doubt be hard at work maximizing the propaganda value for their violent group collective.  Until Americans realize the real reason for this consistent pattern of lying - and no, it is not sloppiness, negligence, or even jingoism - the United States will continue down its swift decline.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seeing what we want others to see

"Steve Emerson Bungles It Again: Saudi National Not Being Deported"

"Chris Matthews suggests that Boston suspects are Arabs"  As difficult as it is to say what an Arab looks like, the pictures that have been released don't look like Arabs to me.

"Is the New York Post Edited by a Bigoted Drunk Who Fucks Pigs?"

"Did Reddit’s Boston Bomber Sleuthing Actually Turn Up a Decent Piece of Evidence?"  The authorities didn't appreciate the 'help'.  In these days of internet sleuthing, and the possibility of Photoshop, it is even possible that a co-conspirator working anonymously on a forum might actually work to confuse the investigation.

By the way, the guy in the white cap not only made no effort to disguise himself, he seemed to be trying to stand out in the crowd.


There is a full-fledged and simply appalling campaign by the usual suspects to increase Islamophobia in the United States so that Jews can continue to kill people and steal their land, and so that Americans can continue to be deceived into fighting Wars For The Jews.

"Steve Emerson Gets It Wrong–Again"  "Why is Steve Emerson still a “terrorism expert”?"  Note the deportation story:  "Exclusive: Saudi National Once Considered ‘Person of Interest’ May Be Deported on ‘Security’ Grounds — And How It’s Supposed to Be Framed"  Geller  I think he would be prudent to get out of the country as the Jews are firing up the American yahoos, putting his life in danger.

"Relive It (CNN’s 90 Minutes of Awesome)"

"The Post’s ‘Person of Interest’ Is a Local High-School Track Runner"  Needless to say, they focused on the Moroccan-American.

The fertilizer plant explosion isn't being connected as a fertilizer plant near Waco at the twentieth anniversary of the Waco siege doesn't fit the desired narrative.

CSI USA: Work backwards from the political goal

Incidents of 'terrorism' are generally pretty easy for the FBI.  They simply check the database of their patsies for the city in question, and round up the young Muslim males they have been setting up for just such an occasion.  The fact they are having trouble is an indication that this is one of those rarest of occasions, a real attack by people not working for the FBI.  In the United States, a country which has never had a legitimate 'terrorist' attack by Muslims - every single fucking one of them is obviously hinky - these attacks are usually by 'patriot'/militia types (of course, many of the militia attacks are also tricks, going back to Oklahoma City).  The time of the year, the fact the race was said to honor the Newtown massacre (the attack may have actually been directed at the relatives, seen as tools of the gun-grabbers), the fact it was in liberal Boston - everything points to the radical right.  Even the absence of anybody taking credit - the absolutely necessary aspect of real terrorism, which is pointless unless the political goals of the attack are made public - points to 'patriot'/militia types, who tend to see violence against civilians as part of an actual war, and not terrorism, as they (probably correctly) don't believe the government cares enough about civilians to make terrorism effective (these guys believe that there are no civilians, particularly in a city like Boston, as everybody not on the radical right is a traitor and therefore a legitimate target of war).

Whoever it should turn out to be, it is instructive to watch the American reaction.  The 'left', which realizes the country can simply not afford another War For The Jews (and no doubt thinks a 'patriot' attack would resuscitate gun control legislation), is publicly hoping the authorities don't pick up Muslims.  The right doesn't need an arrest to conclude it was Muslims, and thus it is time to nuke all Muslims (they also hope this will help them in their current cause, fighting American immigration reform).  The Jew-controlled media is foaming at the mouth in its efforts to remind Americans of Islamophobia while pretending it is just reporting the 'news' by making up stories about Muslim perpetrators.  It is a circus all around.

If we assume that ninety-some per cent of all American 'terrorist' incidents are false-flags run by the American government - not an unreasonable assumption - we can conclude that whoever is arrested will satisfy the current American foreign policy goals.  Out of sheer economic necessity, I believe Barry and his Jewish billionaire owners are currently against expansion of boots-on-the-ground Wars For The Jews, which is why I think it unlikely Muslims will be fingered for this.  Still, there are a lot of WarsForTheJews-mongers around, and there may actually be a battle going on regarding who will be arrested.  The very strange confusion yesterday over the announced, then un-announced, arrest may be a thwarted attempt to pin it on Muslims, something Barry had to nip in the bud.  It is funny that the only proper way to analyze American crime investigation is war politics.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pot o' gold

"Gold Crashes Most in 30 Years … What Does It Really Mean?"  If you scroll down, you'll see that this mystery is no mystery at all.  The American government did it, by suddenly taking a short position on the equivalent of 15% of the world's annual gold mine production.  Are they anticipating some big hit against the American dollar?

Meanwhile, the police pretend to look for the Boston Marathon bombers, while Wolf Blitzer drools.

Venezuelan elections and yet another coup attempt

"Venezuela: What Is the White House Up To?" by Mark Weisbrot

Polling in Venezuela showed that the race was not close, and Nicolas Maduro would win easily, the result you would expect given the obvious emotional outpouring of grief over the death of his political mentor.

The reported results were much, much closer than any poll predicted (funny how a crypto-Jew - note the 'conversion' in prison -  does so well in a country supposed to be so solidly 'anti-Semitic').

The Americans immediately stir the pot by hinting that the election results are illegitimate.  Of course, 'spontaneous' violent protests start to occur.

This is a textbook psy-ops destabilization exercise.  Coupled with the fact that the Venezuelan government had to expel American diplomats for destabilization activities prior to the election, and the Wikileaks evidence of hand's-on pro-opposition activities by American diplomats and NGOs, and the recent history of real American coup attempts, there is no doubt that there is actual regime change in the works.

Electronic ballot boxes were used.  Alter the votes, stir up some phony protests at the alleged cheating by the winner, and you have the basis of a new coup.

Venezuela is a really big deal for the Americans, as they are terrified at the success of the alternative social and economic model created by Hugo Chavez.  They want either a coup, or at least the opportunity to insist that nothing Nicolas Maduro does is legitimate.  We're already hearing the term 'weak mandate' - of course, a similar win in an American Presidential election gives the winner the right to do whatever the hell he wants.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hasbara Central

"French chief rabbi resigns in wake of plagiarism scandal"  Boring.

But the reporting at the NYT is both very odd and what we've come to expect:  "plagiarism and anti-Semitism".  Since group supremacists can do no wrong, what else can noticing a failing in a prominent Jew be but 'anti-Semitism'?  The last paragraph of the NYT reporting makes as much sense as a paragraph discussing the hummingbirds of South America, but this kind of nonsense is so ubiquitous in the Jew-controlled media that they think we don't realize what is going on.

So much of this crap -  not to mention all the outright lying in aid of various Wars For The Jews - over the decades has completely wrecked the reputation of the NYT, to the point where it is unusable as an effective hasbara vehicle.  World Jewry plans to consolidate its propaganda arm around Bloomberg's company once Bloomberg passes the torch of mayor of New York City to Anthony Weiner:  "Bloomberg View Hires Jonathan Landman, Expands Jeffrey Goldberg's Role".  Bloomberg's company has not lost its reputation for reliable reporting and will take over the New York Times to serve as hasbara central.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Saudi Arabia was never against the existence of Israel"

"Saudi Arabia follows US orders on opposition to boycott of Israel"

"We don’t intend to build nukes, Israel told US in 1975"

"Would you believe that the United States tried to do something that was not nice against Hugo Chávez?":
"Freedom House is one of the oldest US government conduits for transitioning to “democracy”; to a significant extent it equates “democracy” and “human rights” with free enterprise. Development Alternatives Inc. is the organization that sent Alan Gross to Cuba on a mission to help implement the US government’s operation of regime change."
"WikiLeaks: Vatican Dismissed Pinochet Massacre Reports As 'Communist Propaganda'"

"Wikileaks-exhumed cables reveal how the U.S. resumed military aid to Duvalier"

"U.S. Army cut material linking haredi Orthodox with KKK, al-Qaida"

Friday, April 12, 2013

As a humanitarian

"PIPES: The argument for Assad" ('as a humanitarian'!!!; my emphasis in red):
"Analysts agree that the erosion of the Syrian regime’s capabilities is accelerating, that it continues to retreat, making a rebel breakthrough and an Islamist victory increasingly likely. In response, I am changing my policy recommendation from neutrality to something that causes me, as a humanitarian and decades-long foe of the Assad dynasty, to pause before writing: Western governments should support the malign dictatorship of Bashar Assad.
Here is my logic for this reluctant suggestion: Evil forces pose less danger to us when they make war on each other. This keeps them focused locally, and it prevents either one from emerging victorious and thereby posing a greater danger. Western powers should guide enemies to a stalemate by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict."
"On the happy day when Mr. Assad and Tehran fight the rebels and Ankara to mutual exhaustion, Western support then can go to non-Baathist and non-Islamist elements in Syria, helping them offer a moderate alternative to today’s wretched choices and lead to a better future."
The Zionist Yinon-esque plan is to help the rebels just enough so that Assad and the rebels are both damaged enough for Israel to step in and steal some more land, with the Syrian central government left so weakened that it poses even less of of threat to Israel than it does now.  Pipes is saying that this is the time to stop rebel support, as the central government has been weakened enough, and the danger is that continued support will lead to an Islamist government in Syria which will be closely allied with the strengthened Turkish government.

The trick here - and there is always a trick with the neocons - is that 'the erosion of the Syrian regime’s capabilities is' NOT 'accelerating', and it is not retreating, and Pipes must know that.  Pipes is also remarkably upset with the 'increasingly rogue Turkish government', especially as the 'increasingly rogue Turkish government' prepares to enter into huge gas and gas pipeline deals with the Jews.  I assume that the Zionists have concluded that the Syrian civil war has weakened Syria enough, and its continuation is weakening the Jewish gas bargaining position with the Turks.  If so, watch for the Americans to use this bizarre 'al Qaeda' merger announcement as an excuse to back out of physical support for the Islamists, leaving the husk of Syria behind.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sorry I can't go out with you tonight but I'm too busy washing my hair

"What’s Annoying the North Koreans?"  Barry's sabre rattling is so ridiculous even the 'journalists' who are paid to pretend to take him seriously are having trouble controlling their smirks.  Anyone who reads this blog would immediately recognize that this is a phony war that Barry can raise with the Jewish Billionaires in order to provide an excuse for why there aren't more Wars For The Jews.

"Navy to pull aircraft carrier from Persian Gulf over budget worries"

"Who exactly ordered those destroyers against Korea?" (apparently nobody ordered any of this - it just happened!):
"Also, the U.S.S. Decatur, which was on its way home from the Persian Gulf to San Diego, was told to hold in place before it crossed the Pacific, in a separate location from the McCain."
"Hagel: Israel’s nukes a threat, not Iran's":
"Someone was asking me the other day about a nuclear exchange in the world, where that would come from. I said well I’ll give you a scenario that’s very real. If Israel gets backed up enough into a corner and Israel uses a tactical theater nuclear weapon, you want to talk about seeing some things unravel in the world. The United States shouldn’t even be thinking about options of bombing Iran or anybody else. I mean we got our hands full right now. And we’re in such a hell of a mess."
Meanwhile, to keep the Jewish Billionaires appeased, Kerry dredges up the old Saudi peace plan in order to give the Israelis an instant out from the necessity of entering negotiations.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is the opposite of panic?

"Elite Panic"  It seems to be generally accepted now that the social progress that occurred in the 100 years or so up to, well, Thatcher, was caused by this fear in the elites of an uprising by the 99%.  This fear obviously no longer exists, as demonstrated by the sheer gall of the ongoing program of additional taking successfully proposed by the politicians who work for 1% (e. g., Barry has no fear at all, and not even the slightest embarrassment, with his cat food idea).  It has been a sort of social experiment - see what outrages they can get away with before the riots start.  Since the riots never really started, the experiment continues, accelerating.  'Progressives' are professional cheerleaders for the experiment.

The craziest ideas that they get away with become the new normal:  "RBC replaces Canadian staff with foreign workers"  "Ottawa admits it approved request for foreign workers to replace RBC employees"  "RBC’s Nixon says bank puts ‘very high priority’ on Canadian jobs"  Canadians should put a ‘very high priority’ on boycotting RBC (but they won't).

"'Only the little people pay taxes'"  I can't get this to work.

"Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette"

"'Tramp the Dirt Down'" by George Galloway

"Ken Loach Wants Thatcher's Funeral Privatized"  Just float the coffin in a sewage pond and fire a rocket propelled grenade at it.  Funeral, cremation, and fireworks all at once.  Send the bill for the grenade to the 1% she worked for. 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


"Why We Are Not Turning Over the Offshore Files to Government Agencies"  So now we have confirmation of all the shenanigans but nothing will be done about it as the various revenuers can claim they lack information.

"New WikiLeaks cable reveals US embassy strategy to destabilize Chavez government"

"French secret service accused of censorship over Wikipedia page"  "Streisand effect"

"So that's what Assange has been doing inside the embassy! WikiLeaks releases 1.7m US diplomatic and intelligence reports covering every country in the world"  "Plus D"  Nothing new, but the database should be useful.

"Chiquita Brands (CQB), going bananas to stop public disclosure of its ties to Colombia terrorism"

Sunday, April 07, 2013


"Hacker group ‘#Anonymous’ takes down hundreds of Israeli websites"

"Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel"

"'Anonymous' hackers launch cyberattack on Israeli sites"  Boasting that Anonymous lacks skills has usually not worked out well for the target.

"#OpIsrael Backfires"

"#OpIsrael #Anonymous LIVE COVERAGE"

"Parastoo OpIsrael Pre-Release"  Unusual to see mention of the JFK assassination.

"Israel’s navy gears up for new job of protecting gas fields"  Impossible.  Lots of nice new targets for Hezbollah, and another distraction for Israel which will protect the assets of its 1% before it can protect itself.

The use of technology by empires creates the need for more and longer supply lines, and more and more resources employed to protect the supply lines, until the empire is bankrupted by the costs associated with the technology.  The cost of attacking the supply lines is many orders of magnitude less than the cost of protecting them.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Leak

It is starting to look like the publication of Mossad records is important, and a big problem for the Jews.

First, there has been an almost total news blackout on this matter by the Jew-controlled mainstream media.  The hive has instructed the worker bees to keep quiet.

Secondly, the only exception to this blackout has been an easily refuted half-assed attempt at damage control by Forbes (and more obvious Israeli damage control here).

The length of the list means it is not Mossad agents, but Mossad assets, some of whom have just signed up to deliver the occasional package, serve as a mail drop, or perhaps lend an identity.  Again, we encounter the unusual propensity of members of a violent group supremacist collective to all pitch in to serve perceived violent group supremacist goals.  Our inability to understand this - as we wouldn't do it - leaves us very open to being deceived by Jews both inside and outside Israel.

The leak causes three big problems:
  1. operationally, all these names have been blown and are now on all the intelligence databases in the world, rendering them unusable for most purposes by Israel;
  2. the failure to control the data is yet another in the long, long record of Mossad incompetence;
  3. most importantly, the failure to keep these names secret is going to make future recruitment much more difficult, particularly in light of the Israeli state murder of Ben Zygier, killed for having a conscience.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday, April 5, 2013

"The death of peak oil"  Unfortunately, 'peak whatever' theories never die.

"Detailed Political Quizzes"  Concentrated truth.  Can you imagine what would happen if all American high school students had to take these quizzes?

"The Alleged MLK Murder Rifle"

The infamous Himmmm on the Natalie Wood death (from this discussion):
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
Very good article on the Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist (see also here and here).

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Peak behind the curtain

"Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact"  "Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore"  "Massive data leak exposes offshore financial secrets"

Ever wonder why politicians seem to act so frequently against the interests of voters?: "Another Solomon Dwek – Hasid Finds Corrupt Pols For Feds, Rocks NYS Politics"  "Moses “Mark” Stern Allegedly Kept Dirt On Pols To Blackmail Them"

"Understanding Syrian conflict"

"MI6 'arranged Cold War killing' of Congo prime minister"

"The Role of the Israel Lobby in the Growth of “Christian Zionism”"  Ever wonder why one of the most distinctive aspects of Christian Zionism is that all its beliefs and tenets could not be any less Christian?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Camp Nama: British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad":
"However, one peculiarity of the way in which UK forces operated when bringing prisoners to Camp Nama suggests that ministers and senior MoD officials may have had reason to know those detainees were at risk of mistreatment. British soldiers were almost always accompanied by a lone American soldier, who was then recorded as having captured the prisoner. Members of the SAS and SBS were repeatedly briefed on the importance of this measure.
It was an arrangement that enabled the British government to side-step a Geneva convention clause that would have obliged it to demand the return of any prisoner transferred to the US once it became apparent that they were not being treated in accordance with the convention. And it consigned the prisoners to what some lawyers have described as a legal black hole."
"Canada often successful at nipping homegrown 'radicalization' in bud: Kenney"  Note how peculiarly nervous the Canadian government is about this, as if they fear inadvertently uncovering a false-flag operation.  High school pals from different religious backgrounds all convert to Islam and head off to Algeria to become Islamist terrorists?  Well of course!  Added:  Note the attempt to limit the damage - and the ridiculousness/implausibility - by focusing on just two leading to the very end of the story (my emphasis in red):
"CBC’s sources also indicated two or more friends from the same school attended by Katsiroubas and Medlej travelled overseas with them. Their names and whereabouts are unknown."
You know how this works. One of them - probably the Muslim, encountering a new 'friend' who had just recently appeared at the mosque - was approached with a business opportunity to make some cash with an adventurous trip to Algeria.  All he had to do was gather up a few friends for some fun and money.

 "CNN spreads lies against Iran, Syria: Ex-correspondent"

"Berezovsky's girlfriend doubts suicide"

"The mysterious death of an Orthodox Jewish millionaire – murder or suicide?" (see also 'Martin Schlaff').  "The Rothschild They Murdered"  "The mystery of Maxwell's death"

"U.N. Treaty Approved - Aims to Limit Arms Exports to Rights Abusers, Will it be used to stop arms sales to Israel?"

"The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans"  Had to be updated to account for the staggering increase in the staggering.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

More 'War For Oil' nonsense

"Why the war in Iraq was fought for Big Oil"

This is nonsense, and very pernicious nonsense, as it allows the same tricksters to pull the same trick again.  The truth is available with little looking.

"Iraqi oil: Once seen as U.S. boon, now it’s mostly China’s" (note all the excuses by the 'experts' for why China is so much ahead!):
 "Ten years after the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, the country’s oil industry is poised to boom and make the troubled nation the No.2 oil exporter in the world. But the nation that’s moving to take advantage of Iraq’s riches isn’t the United States. It’s China.

America, with its own homegrown energy bonanza, isn’t going after the petroleum that lies beneath Iraq’s sands nearly as aggressively as is China, a country hungry to fuel its rise as an economic power.

. . .

American oil companies, in the meantime, are “barely active” in Iraq, said Robin Mills of Dubai-based Manaar Energy Consulting. There’s Exxon Mobil, which is locked in a dispute with the Iraqi government and is looking to sell at least some of its stake in the giant West Qurna-1 oil field, with the state-owned PetroChina discussed as likely buyer. The other U.S. firm operating in Iraq is Occidental Petroleum Corp., Mills said, a company that has just a minority, non-operating stake in the Zubair oil field."

"Big Oil's hassle with Iraq is China's gain" (more excuses!):
"U.S. oil companies seem to be losing interest in Iraq, which a decade ago was seen as the big prize in the global energy business with the world's fifth largest oil reserves and low production costs.
This is largely due to growing disenchantment with the Shiite-dominated Baghdad government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, its bloated, corrupt bureaucracy and America's own energy boom that lessens its dependence on Middle Eastern oil.
The disenchantment coincides with Washington's dismay at Iraq's unrelenting political and sectarian turmoil and Iran's growing influence, particularly since the U.S. withdrawal in December 2011.
In the meantime, China's moving in to lay claim to much of Iraq's known oil reserves of 143.1 billion barrels, which it needs to feed a burgeoning economy."
"China Will Soon Be Drilling A Third Of Iraq's Oil"

The experts are able to mislead us by fudging the term 'Iraq'.  There is American oil development in the pseudo-state of Iraqi Kurdistan, part of Iraq that acts as a separate country.  Of course, once Iraq gets its act together and moves to reincorporate Iraqi Kurdistan into Iraq, the civil war will gravely disrupt any oil operations.

I hate to keep repeating myself, but it was not a War For Oil.  It was a War For The Jews.

Monday, April 01, 2013


"Drone Industry Fears Public Crackdown"  No, not really.  In this progressive-less world, things like drones, fracking, and the Panopticon security apparatus proceed with no real opposition.

Alternative explanations for Cyprus are often gassy:
  1. "EU Caught Playing Dirty and it’s all about Russian Gas"
  2. "Turkey and Israel about to change the Cyprus gas game?"
  3. "‘Our money's not in Cyprus’ oligarchs say"
  4. "Cyprus Crisis: A Triumph For Russian Isolationists".
If the Europeans were truly concerned about a Russian monopoly on energy supplies to Europe:
  1. why would they be so keen to sign on to the Zionist boycott of Iran?; and
  2. why would they set up a situation where the Russians had a chance to bail out Cyprus by taking control of the Cyprus gas fields?
Also, if you feel uncomfortable about a Russian monopoly, just wait until you are dependent on Israel for your energy!  Just wait for the taps to be tied to European consent to Jewish human rights abuses.

Milk and honey news:  "Israeli Gas Field Opens, Setting Stage for Energy Boom"  "Israel Starts Tamar Gas Production" "Lobby’s effort to exempt Israel from sequester gets ‘Israel first’-ers into the lexicon"  "AIPAC takes on the latest threat to Israel — sequestration"  They claim they will spend their new wealth on social programs, which in Israel means illegal settlements and murdering Palestinians.

"'Liberating Iraqis', Limb by Limb, Life by Life, Home by Home, Gene by Gene" (or here).  Modern karma is that you pay for this shit by giving your government permission to do the same thing against you, something Americans are already starting to see.