Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boston to Russia to Syria

Cryptome has zip files of various materials relating to the connection of the Tsarnaev brothers through their uncle Ruslan to the CIA.  The denial.  Sibel Edmonds had previously identified Fuller as one of her "American Deep State rogues", i.e., exactly the kind of fellow who would be involved in this kind of deception.  Golden Rule of conspiracy theory:  if you are following a story and you run into one of these Lansdale types, there are no more 'coincidences'.

Btw, Edmonds has a truly appalling theory that the US will give the Russians carte blanche to clean up their Muslim problem in exchange for the Russians throwing Assad under the bus.  This is ridiculous as:
  1. the Russians have never accepted the (American) idea that they have to wait for anybody's permission to clean up their own backyard (especially on a ludicrous - coming from the Americans - 'human rights' pretense!), and in fact committed, and continue to commit, the most horrible human rights abuses against the Chechens with nary a whimper from Washington (the neocons sometimes mention this as part of a general program of encouraging American militarism - as American militarism is 'good for the Jews' - but never really had their heart in complaining as they really, really, really like the mass slaughter of Muslims, even if they aren't the ones doing it); and
  2. although we hear assertions to the contrary every month from the Jews, the Russians have never given up on Assad, and, unless they want to see American proxy armies of Sunni radical Islamists tearing their country apart, would be foolish to give up on Assad (Russian foreign policy is based on Russian self-interest, an idea American can't comprehend, as their foreign policy has to always be based on what is 'good for the Jews').
The ridiculous American half-assertion - coming directly from Israeli lies, naturally - of Assad's use of chemical weapons comes as Assad's army is making major gains against the foreign interlopers, and is merely a warning that they want him to stop before total victory so he can sit down to 'negotiations', i.e., instructions from the Jews on how to weaken himself for Israel's benefit. 

Assad has benefited greatly from the fact that World Jewry - which instructs the Americans on what their foreign policy is to be - is greatly torn on the issue of Syria.  The old-fashioned Jewish billionaires follow the most basic Jewish idea that gentiles ought to be tricked into fighting each other, and that Syria should be broken up into little statelets (Oded Yinon's Zionist Plan for the Middle East).  The more modern Jewish billionaires  - Soros, etc, the ones who now hold Barry's chattel slavery papers - recognize that Assad has been so ineffectual that he is actually 'good for the Jews', and whatever might arise after Assad is very likely to be more dangerous to Jewish interests.  The original primary goal of removing Assad was to break up the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis, and disrupt military supply routes to Hezbollah so that the Jews can have a better shot at stealing southern Lebanon and the water of the Litani River (that water is the preoccupation of the Israeli 1%).  A ruined Syria will allow for excellent smuggling routes, and Hezbollah shouldn't have any trouble receiving supplies, leaving the primary goal as unachievable.  World Jewry is best off now with a weakened Assad ruling a ruined country, so that is how Barry will be instructed, and that is the result we can expect to see.
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