Thursday, April 18, 2013

CSI USA: Work backwards from the political goal

Incidents of 'terrorism' are generally pretty easy for the FBI.  They simply check the database of their patsies for the city in question, and round up the young Muslim males they have been setting up for just such an occasion.  The fact they are having trouble is an indication that this is one of those rarest of occasions, a real attack by people not working for the FBI.  In the United States, a country which has never had a legitimate 'terrorist' attack by Muslims - every single fucking one of them is obviously hinky - these attacks are usually by 'patriot'/militia types (of course, many of the militia attacks are also tricks, going back to Oklahoma City).  The time of the year, the fact the race was said to honor the Newtown massacre (the attack may have actually been directed at the relatives, seen as tools of the gun-grabbers), the fact it was in liberal Boston - everything points to the radical right.  Even the absence of anybody taking credit - the absolutely necessary aspect of real terrorism, which is pointless unless the political goals of the attack are made public - points to 'patriot'/militia types, who tend to see violence against civilians as part of an actual war, and not terrorism, as they (probably correctly) don't believe the government cares enough about civilians to make terrorism effective (these guys believe that there are no civilians, particularly in a city like Boston, as everybody not on the radical right is a traitor and therefore a legitimate target of war).

Whoever it should turn out to be, it is instructive to watch the American reaction.  The 'left', which realizes the country can simply not afford another War For The Jews (and no doubt thinks a 'patriot' attack would resuscitate gun control legislation), is publicly hoping the authorities don't pick up Muslims.  The right doesn't need an arrest to conclude it was Muslims, and thus it is time to nuke all Muslims (they also hope this will help them in their current cause, fighting American immigration reform).  The Jew-controlled media is foaming at the mouth in its efforts to remind Americans of Islamophobia while pretending it is just reporting the 'news' by making up stories about Muslim perpetrators.  It is a circus all around.

If we assume that ninety-some per cent of all American 'terrorist' incidents are false-flags run by the American government - not an unreasonable assumption - we can conclude that whoever is arrested will satisfy the current American foreign policy goals.  Out of sheer economic necessity, I believe Barry and his Jewish billionaire owners are currently against expansion of boots-on-the-ground Wars For The Jews, which is why I think it unlikely Muslims will be fingered for this.  Still, there are a lot of WarsForTheJews-mongers around, and there may actually be a battle going on regarding who will be arrested.  The very strange confusion yesterday over the announced, then un-announced, arrest may be a thwarted attempt to pin it on Muslims, something Barry had to nip in the bud.  It is funny that the only proper way to analyze American crime investigation is war politics.
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