Monday, April 01, 2013


"Drone Industry Fears Public Crackdown"  No, not really.  In this progressive-less world, things like drones, fracking, and the Panopticon security apparatus proceed with no real opposition.

Alternative explanations for Cyprus are often gassy:
  1. "EU Caught Playing Dirty and it’s all about Russian Gas"
  2. "Turkey and Israel about to change the Cyprus gas game?"
  3. "‘Our money's not in Cyprus’ oligarchs say"
  4. "Cyprus Crisis: A Triumph For Russian Isolationists".
If the Europeans were truly concerned about a Russian monopoly on energy supplies to Europe:
  1. why would they be so keen to sign on to the Zionist boycott of Iran?; and
  2. why would they set up a situation where the Russians had a chance to bail out Cyprus by taking control of the Cyprus gas fields?
Also, if you feel uncomfortable about a Russian monopoly, just wait until you are dependent on Israel for your energy!  Just wait for the taps to be tied to European consent to Jewish human rights abuses.

Milk and honey news:  "Israeli Gas Field Opens, Setting Stage for Energy Boom"  "Israel Starts Tamar Gas Production" "Lobby’s effort to exempt Israel from sequester gets ‘Israel first’-ers into the lexicon"  "AIPAC takes on the latest threat to Israel — sequestration"  They claim they will spend their new wealth on social programs, which in Israel means illegal settlements and murdering Palestinians.

"'Liberating Iraqis', Limb by Limb, Life by Life, Home by Home, Gene by Gene" (or here).  Modern karma is that you pay for this shit by giving your government permission to do the same thing against you, something Americans are already starting to see.
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