Monday, April 15, 2013

Hasbara Central

"French chief rabbi resigns in wake of plagiarism scandal"  Boring.

But the reporting at the NYT is both very odd and what we've come to expect:  "plagiarism and anti-Semitism".  Since group supremacists can do no wrong, what else can noticing a failing in a prominent Jew be but 'anti-Semitism'?  The last paragraph of the NYT reporting makes as much sense as a paragraph discussing the hummingbirds of South America, but this kind of nonsense is so ubiquitous in the Jew-controlled media that they think we don't realize what is going on.

So much of this crap -  not to mention all the outright lying in aid of various Wars For The Jews - over the decades has completely wrecked the reputation of the NYT, to the point where it is unusable as an effective hasbara vehicle.  World Jewry plans to consolidate its propaganda arm around Bloomberg's company once Bloomberg passes the torch of mayor of New York City to Anthony Weiner:  "Bloomberg View Hires Jonathan Landman, Expands Jeffrey Goldberg's Role".  Bloomberg's company has not lost its reputation for reliable reporting and will take over the New York Times to serve as hasbara central.

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