Sunday, April 07, 2013


"Hacker group ‘#Anonymous’ takes down hundreds of Israeli websites"

"Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel"

"'Anonymous' hackers launch cyberattack on Israeli sites"  Boasting that Anonymous lacks skills has usually not worked out well for the target.

"#OpIsrael Backfires"

"#OpIsrael #Anonymous LIVE COVERAGE"

"Parastoo OpIsrael Pre-Release"  Unusual to see mention of the JFK assassination.

"Israel’s navy gears up for new job of protecting gas fields"  Impossible.  Lots of nice new targets for Hezbollah, and another distraction for Israel which will protect the assets of its 1% before it can protect itself.

The use of technology by empires creates the need for more and longer supply lines, and more and more resources employed to protect the supply lines, until the empire is bankrupted by the costs associated with the technology.  The cost of attacking the supply lines is many orders of magnitude less than the cost of protecting them.
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