Monday, April 22, 2013

Round peg in thin rectangular hole

We are still in a situation where the only evidence against the brothers is the photo analysis performed by American government officials.

And yet if you look at the photos something doesn't click:  "Boston Bombing Suspect Charged":
"Authorities claim both brothers used pressure cookers packed with metal and ball bearings rigged to explode. How they fit in their back packs wasn't explained. Ones they wore weren't large enough."
I've been looking at my pressure cooler and thinking exactly the same thing. A pressure cooker is a cylinder.  If you managed to squeeze it into such a backpack - and I don't think you could - it would form a noticeable shape in the backpack.  A pressure cooker filled with shrapnel would also be very heavy and there is no evidence of heaviness in the photos.  Even the 'Craft' backpacks which are bigger would not have been big enough.  You would need something like a duffel bag, and the heft of it would be obvious in the gait of the person carrying it.
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