Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Saudi Arabia was never against the existence of Israel"

"Saudi Arabia follows US orders on opposition to boycott of Israel"

"We don’t intend to build nukes, Israel told US in 1975"

"Would you believe that the United States tried to do something that was not nice against Hugo Chávez?":
"Freedom House is one of the oldest US government conduits for transitioning to “democracy”; to a significant extent it equates “democracy” and “human rights” with free enterprise. Development Alternatives Inc. is the organization that sent Alan Gross to Cuba on a mission to help implement the US government’s operation of regime change."
"WikiLeaks: Vatican Dismissed Pinochet Massacre Reports As 'Communist Propaganda'"

"Wikileaks-exhumed cables reveal how the U.S. resumed military aid to Duvalier"

"U.S. Army cut material linking haredi Orthodox with KKK, al-Qaida"
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