Tuesday, April 30, 2013


"‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home" by Daniel Hopsicker

"New questions on Boston bombing suspects’ ties to US intelligence"

Note the technique.  Uncle Ruslan is your George de Mohrenschildt character, one of those guys who exist everywhere with multiple irons in the fire and connections to all walks of life, particularly in, but not limited to, his own ethnic community.  He is tied through a transparently obvious intermediary to 'al Qaeda' in Chechnya (and note the use of a 'charity'/NGO), through his family to the patsy brothers, and to the CIA through his business connections, in particular to a 'retired' Lansdale type using the Rand Corporation as a cover.  The CIA's sloppiness is using the same central character to fight a proxy war against Russia using 'al Qaeda' and a false-flag war against the American people in Boston.  Having said that, note how much more successful the Boston terror conspiracy was than the Benghazi clusterfuck, where the American ambassador, without the use of any cut-outs, tried to secretly move weapons from Libya to 'al Qaeda' in Syria.
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