Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sorry I can't go out with you tonight but I'm too busy washing my hair

"What’s Annoying the North Koreans?"  Barry's sabre rattling is so ridiculous even the 'journalists' who are paid to pretend to take him seriously are having trouble controlling their smirks.  Anyone who reads this blog would immediately recognize that this is a phony war that Barry can raise with the Jewish Billionaires in order to provide an excuse for why there aren't more Wars For The Jews.

"Navy to pull aircraft carrier from Persian Gulf over budget worries"

"Who exactly ordered those destroyers against Korea?" (apparently nobody ordered any of this - it just happened!):
"Also, the U.S.S. Decatur, which was on its way home from the Persian Gulf to San Diego, was told to hold in place before it crossed the Pacific, in a separate location from the McCain."
"Hagel: Israel’s nukes a threat, not Iran's":
"Someone was asking me the other day about a nuclear exchange in the world, where that would come from. I said well I’ll give you a scenario that’s very real. If Israel gets backed up enough into a corner and Israel uses a tactical theater nuclear weapon, you want to talk about seeing some things unravel in the world. The United States shouldn’t even be thinking about options of bombing Iran or anybody else. I mean we got our hands full right now. And we’re in such a hell of a mess."
Meanwhile, to keep the Jewish Billionaires appeased, Kerry dredges up the old Saudi peace plan in order to give the Israelis an instant out from the necessity of entering negotiations.
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