Sunday, April 21, 2013

The family business?

"Brothers in Marathon bombings took two paths into infamy":
"The Tsarnaev brothers were ethnic Chechens, born in the former Soviet Republic now called Kyrgyzstan. Whether they ever lived in war-torn Chechnya is unclear. Their father, Anzor Tsarnaev, was described by family Friday as a former Russian amateur boxing champion. While the family was living in Kyrgyzstan, Anzor Tsarnayev said in an interview Friday by the Russian agency, they had trouble with government authorities.
“In Kyrgyzstan we were oppressed,” the father said. “We wanted a quiet life. I was afraid for my kids and tried to save them.”
By 2001, the family had taken refuge in Makhachkala, the capital of the predominantly Muslim Russian region of Dagestan, which borders Chechnya. There, the brothers briefly attended grade school. Anzor’s sister Maret Tsarnaeva told reporters that she wrote the refugee petition in April 2002 for the father, mother and youngest son, Dzhokhar, to receive asylum in the United States. The three other children, Tamerlan and his sisters, Alina and Bella, joined the family later."
Ethnic Chechens, started somehow in Kyrgyzstan, where they were 'oppressed'. Moved to Dagestan. From there, sought and received asylum in the U. S.  Family breaks up, father returns to Dagestan, sons seem to have lots of money and no obvious means of support (my emphasis in red):
"Family members said that the Tsarnaevs did not spend any time in Chechnya after the region declared itself independent in 1991. But Tamerlan evidently wanted people to think he had a connection: He told a newspaper in 2004 that he had been born in Grozny. In 2011, Dzhokhar contacted a history professor at UMass Dartmouth who teaches a history course on Chechnya to learn more about Chechen history.

. . .

In the past 10 years, Moscow has consolidated its control over Chechnya, with the help of a local administration that has also been accused of repression and the slayings of several prominent journalists and ­human rights activists.

Though some sporadic violence continues in Chechnya, said Simon Saradzhyan, a ­researcher at Harvard’s Belfer Center, the radical ­Islam that fueled the separatist movement has migrated to neighboring, predominantly Muslim regions in the ­Caucasus.

These include Dagestan, where the Tsarnaevs’ father now lives and which both brothers visited last year.

“[The Tsarnaevs’] ethnicity doesn’t matter very much here
,” said Masha Lipman, a political analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center.

“They don’t have a history of fighting in the mountains against Russian troops.”"
"Russia warned FBI about terror suspect two years before attack at Boston Marathon"  Do you think the Russians really wanted an answer to that question, or was asking the question part of a counterintelligence operation intended to mess with the CIA?
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