Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Leak

It is starting to look like the publication of Mossad records is important, and a big problem for the Jews.

First, there has been an almost total news blackout on this matter by the Jew-controlled mainstream media.  The hive has instructed the worker bees to keep quiet.

Secondly, the only exception to this blackout has been an easily refuted half-assed attempt at damage control by Forbes (and more obvious Israeli damage control here).

The length of the list means it is not Mossad agents, but Mossad assets, some of whom have just signed up to deliver the occasional package, serve as a mail drop, or perhaps lend an identity.  Again, we encounter the unusual propensity of members of a violent group supremacist collective to all pitch in to serve perceived violent group supremacist goals.  Our inability to understand this - as we wouldn't do it - leaves us very open to being deceived by Jews both inside and outside Israel.

The leak causes three big problems:
  1. operationally, all these names have been blown and are now on all the intelligence databases in the world, rendering them unusable for most purposes by Israel;
  2. the failure to control the data is yet another in the long, long record of Mossad incompetence;
  3. most importantly, the failure to keep these names secret is going to make future recruitment much more difficult, particularly in light of the Israeli state murder of Ben Zygier, killed for having a conscience.
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