Friday, April 26, 2013

The lifespan of a patsy

We've reached the point in any false flag, when the authorities, perhaps giddy from all the seemingly successful lying, start to lay it on a bit thick (the brothers obviously weren't even prepared to get out of Boston, but I guess Bloomberg was feeling ignored).  American officials lied about there being other bombs (or they covered them up - the fire at the JFK Library was some coincidence - as they did on 9/11), they probably lied about the details of the stolen car (in order to cover up the fact the brothers used Tamerlan's car), they lied about the 7-11 robbery, they outright murdered Tamerlan and lied in blaming it on Dzhokhar, and they lied about Dzhokhar having a gun so they could justify their attempt to murder him (his survival, after over an hour of police bullets, is a miracle).  Now we are supposed to believe a series of increasingly ridiculous lies to cover up the false flag. It is extra ironic that Tamerlan's CIA trip to Dagestan is being used to explain how he was 'radicalized'.

As Lee Harvey Oswald knows, the lifespan of a patsy after an operation is very short.  It is likely Tippet was supposed to kill Oswald, and when that failed Oswald was supposed to die 'resisting arrest' in the Texas Theater, until they had to send in Jack Ruby to do the job. Both brothers were supposed to end up dead.  I was a little worried when the Jew-controlled media started to boast he was being treated by Israeli doctors (and that the Boston hospital was able to look after the victims of the blasts because they were trained by Israelis, and how this never would have happened if the United States used Israeli security methods, and how immigration reform should have a Muslim exception  . . . . ).

The death penalty, on the table because of the ludicrous assertion the brothers used a Weapon of Mass Destruction, is being used to force a plea bargain which will involve a gag order.  Forty years from now, when Dzhokhar is released, it won't matter what he has to say.
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