Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Venezuelan elections and yet another coup attempt

"Venezuela: What Is the White House Up To?" by Mark Weisbrot

Polling in Venezuela showed that the race was not close, and Nicolas Maduro would win easily, the result you would expect given the obvious emotional outpouring of grief over the death of his political mentor.

The reported results were much, much closer than any poll predicted (funny how a crypto-Jew - note the 'conversion' in prison -  does so well in a country supposed to be so solidly 'anti-Semitic').

The Americans immediately stir the pot by hinting that the election results are illegitimate.  Of course, 'spontaneous' violent protests start to occur.

This is a textbook psy-ops destabilization exercise.  Coupled with the fact that the Venezuelan government had to expel American diplomats for destabilization activities prior to the election, and the Wikileaks evidence of hand's-on pro-opposition activities by American diplomats and NGOs, and the recent history of real American coup attempts, there is no doubt that there is actual regime change in the works.

Electronic ballot boxes were used.  Alter the votes, stir up some phony protests at the alleged cheating by the winner, and you have the basis of a new coup.

Venezuela is a really big deal for the Americans, as they are terrified at the success of the alternative social and economic model created by Hugo Chavez.  They want either a coup, or at least the opportunity to insist that nothing Nicolas Maduro does is legitimate.  We're already hearing the term 'weak mandate' - of course, a similar win in an American Presidential election gives the winner the right to do whatever the hell he wants.
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