Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is the opposite of panic?

"Elite Panic"  It seems to be generally accepted now that the social progress that occurred in the 100 years or so up to, well, Thatcher, was caused by this fear in the elites of an uprising by the 99%.  This fear obviously no longer exists, as demonstrated by the sheer gall of the ongoing program of additional taking successfully proposed by the politicians who work for 1% (e. g., Barry has no fear at all, and not even the slightest embarrassment, with his cat food idea).  It has been a sort of social experiment - see what outrages they can get away with before the riots start.  Since the riots never really started, the experiment continues, accelerating.  'Progressives' are professional cheerleaders for the experiment.

The craziest ideas that they get away with become the new normal:  "RBC replaces Canadian staff with foreign workers"  "Ottawa admits it approved request for foreign workers to replace RBC employees"  "RBC’s Nixon says bank puts ‘very high priority’ on Canadian jobs"  Canadians should put a ‘very high priority’ on boycotting RBC (but they won't).

"'Only the little people pay taxes'"  I can't get this to work.

"Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette"

"'Tramp the Dirt Down'" by George Galloway

"Ken Loach Wants Thatcher's Funeral Privatized"  Just float the coffin in a sewage pond and fire a rocket propelled grenade at it.  Funeral, cremation, and fireworks all at once.  Send the bill for the grenade to the 1% she worked for. 
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