Friday, April 19, 2013

Who are you going to bomb?

Chechens are being fingered (the Bonnie and Clyde way they appear to be choosing to go out indicates they may actually be guilty, but who knows).  The Jew-controlled media can, and will, spin the hell out of this, and stir up the hillbillies, but it is hardly optimal.  Who can the Jews wail for Barry to bomb?

More on some earlier lies:  "Other Boston Terror Suspects Turn Themselves In … Appear Innocent"  Nobody will pay any price for any of this warmongering lying, and the same 'experts' will no doubt be hard at work maximizing the propaganda value for their violent group collective.  Until Americans realize the real reason for this consistent pattern of lying - and no, it is not sloppiness, negligence, or even jingoism - the United States will continue down its swift decline.
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