Thursday, May 30, 2013

What would it take?

"Officials: Man who knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot"

Just to give you a taste of the massive and elaborate lying involved, here's the original reporting:  "FBI agent fatally shoots man with suspected ties to Boston Marathon bomber: authorities" (my emphasis throughout in red):
"An FBI agent fatally shot a Florida man this morning, after questioning him about ties to Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, authorities said.
Feds, two Massachusetts state troopers and investigators from other agencies were questioning Ibragim Todashev, 27, shortly after midnight when he suddenly pulled a knife and stabbed an FBI agent, law enforcement sources told The Post.
It wasn't immediately clear if the stabbed FBI agent was the same one who shot and killed Todashev. The wounded FBI agent was taken to the hospital and he was expected to survive his wounds, officials said."
Also!: "Source: Friend of bombing suspect attacked agent with sword":
"FOX 25's Bob Ward was told by a confidential informant that the man, who was killed while being questioned by FBI agents in Florida, was in the process of confessing to a triple murder that occurred in Waltham when he suddenly attacked an agent with a sword.


During the interview, investigators took notes and everything appeared to be going well. Eventually, Todashev was asked to write down, in his own handwriting and in his own words, what he had been telling authorities about his role in the murders when in the words of one source – all hell broke loose.

Todashev allegedly began writing, but then flipped a table over, knocking the Boston FBI agent into the wall hitting his head.

FOX 25's Bob Ward was told the agent looked up to see Todashev waving in his direction what was described as a Banzai ceremonial sword.

Fearing for his life, the FBI agent drew his weapon and fatally shot Todashev. The entire incident taking only seconds."

There is an attempt to make this seem less outrageous by repeating the story that Todashev was just about to sign a confession implicating himself and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the Waltham killings:
"Todashev became violent as he was signing a written statement based on his confession to the triple murder and attacked the agent with a knife, according to the FBI."
But note:
"But sources say during questioning Tuesday night, Todashev implicated himself and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the killings. As investigators pushed at him towards a confession, he snapped, reported Orr."
There's a big difference between the usual police haranguing towards a confession (which means no confession), and having a written confession ready for him to sign, just as there is a difference between a knife wound which sends an agent to hospital (where 'he was expected to survive his wounds'!!!), and no wound and no weapon.  The lies are simply too specific and detailed to be mistakes or slips.

"Atlantic Wire on the Murder of Ibragim Todashev"

Seven times?!! (note the headline disparages the story by attributing it up front to one of those dastardly 'Islamic groups', and the article disparages the photograph by emphasizing its source):  "Islamic group: Slain man was unarmed, shot by FBI agent 7 times":
"An Islamic group Wednesday called for a federal civil-rights investigation of last week's fatal shooting of an Orlando man by an FBI agent investigating his connection to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

And the Tampa director of that group said not only was 27-year-old Ibragim Todashev unarmed when he was shot by the agent May 22, he was hit seven times, including once in the head.

. . .

At a news conference Wednesday evening, Shibly showed what he said were photos of Todashev's body after the shooting. The photos were taken at an Orlando funeral home after the Orange-Osceola County Medical Examiner's office released the body to Todashev's next of kin, he said.

The photographer was Khusen Taramov — a friend of Todashev's who lives in Kissimmee — and photos show at least a dozen wounds, although some may have been exit wounds, Shibly said."

The claim that one shot was to the 'back of the head' somehow didn't make it into all of the stories.

 I'm reading a lot of the usual nonsense of the supposed mental and psychological problems of conspiracy theorists, but I would like to ask a question of the Official Story believers.  What would it take for you to entertain the notion that there might be a conspiracy here?  Is there any set of facts of official wrongdoing that might cause you to have even the slightest doubt about what you are being told by official sources?  If there is no possible set of facts which would cause you to start to have doubts, you have a serious mental and psychological problem of needing to believe what your 'betters' tell you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"What is fashionable today is to say: ‘Well, I don’t hate Jews – I just don’t think they should have a state’ or, effectively, that their state is an illegitimate one that doesn’t have a right to exist."
Exactly my position. The Jews have conclusively demonstrated that their violent group supremacism makes it too dangerous - and not just for the Middle East, but for the entire world - for them to have political control of a nation state. If the Palestinians consent there is no reason they cannot live in the Middle East, but Jewish political control is absolutely out of the question, and it should be one of the main goals of the rest of the world to put an end to the state of Israel (the other two big goals are fixing human-caused climate change and more equitable, or rather, less ridiculously inequitable, income distribution).

"Who Are The Neoconservatives?" by Laurent Guyénot (really excellent analysis; read the whole thing!):
"The neoconservative movement, which is generally perceived as a radical (rather than “conservative”) Republican right, is, in reality, an intellectual movement born in the late 1960s in the pages of the monthly magazine Commentary, a media arm of the American Jewish Committee, which had replaced the Contemporary Jewish Record in 1945. The Forward, the oldest American Jewish weekly, wrote in a January 6th, 2006 article signed Gal Beckerman: “If there is an intellectual movement in America to whose invention Jews can lay sole claim, neoconservatism is it. It’s a thought one imagines most American Jews, overwhelmingly liberal, will find horrifying. And yet it is a fact that as a political philosophy, neoconservatism was born among the children of Jewish immigrants and is now largely the intellectual domain of those immigrants’ grandchildren”. The neoconservative apologist Murray Friedman explains that Jewish dominance within his movement by the inherent benevolence of Judaism, “the idea that Jews have been put on earth to make it a better, perhaps even a holy, place” (The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and the Shaping of Public Policy, 2006)."
"Neoconservatism is essentially a modern Jewish version of Machiavelli’s political strategy. What characterizes the neoconservative movement is therefore not as much Judaism as a religious tradition, but rather Judaism as a political project, i.e. Zionism, by Machiavellian means. Note that, in an article in the Jewish World Review on June 7th, 1999, the neoconservative Michael Ledeen defends the thesis that Machiavelli was a crypto-Jew, as were at the time thousands of families nominally converted to Catholicism under threat of expulsion of death. “Listen to his political philosophy, and you will hear the Jewish music”, wrote Ledeen, citing in particular Machiavelli’s contempt for the nonviolent ethics of Jesus and his admiration for the pragmatism of Moses, who was able to kill countless men in the interests of enforcing his new law.

Obviously, if Zionism is synonymous with patriotism in Israel, it cannot be an acceptable label in American politics, where it would mean loyalty to a foreign power. This is why the neoconservatives do not represent themselves as Zionists on the American scene. Yet they do not hide it all together either. Elliott Abrams, Deputy National Security Adviser in the administration of Bush’s son, wrote in his book Faith or Fear (1997): “Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart — except in Israel — from the rest of the population”. It is hard to come with a better definition of Zionism, the corollary of which is the apartheid practiced against non-Jewish peoples in Palestine, defended in the same year by Douglas Feith in his “Reflections on Liberalism, Democracy and Zionism”, pronounced in Jerusalem, defending the right of Israel to be an “ethnic nation”: “there is a place in the world for non-ethnic nations and there is a place for ethnic nations”.

If one is entitled to consider the neoconservatives as Zionists, it is especially in noting that their foreign policy choices have always coincided perfectly with the interests of Israel (as they see it). Israel’s interest has always been understood as dependent on two things: the immigration of Eastern Jews and the financial support of the Jews of the West (American and, to a lesser extent, European). Until 1967, the national interest pushed Israel toward the Soviet Union, while the support of American Jews remained quiet. The socialist and collectivist orientation of the Labor Party in power naturally inclined them in this direction, but Israel’s good relations with the USSR were primarily due to the fact that the mass immigration of Jews was only possible through the good will of the Kremlin. During the three years following the end of the British mandate on Palestine (1948), which had hitherto limited Jewish immigration out of consideration for the Arab population, two hundred thousand Polish Jewish refugees in the USSR were allowed to settle in Palestine, with others coming from Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The Six Day War was a decisive turning point: in 1967, Moscow protested against Israel’s annexation of new territories, broke diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv and stopped the emigration of its Jewish citizens, which had accelerated in the previous month. It is from this date that Commentary became, in the words of Benjamin Balint, “the contentious magazine that transformed the Jewish left into the neoconservative right”. The neoconservatives realized that, from that point, Israel’s survival – and its territorial expansion – depended on the support and protection of another super-power, the U.S. military, and concomitantly that their need for Jewish immigrants could only be fulfilled by the fall of communism. These two objectives converged in the deepening of military power of the United States. This is why Irving Kristol engaged the American Jewish Congress in 1973 to fight George McGovern’s proposal to reduce the military budget by 30%: “this is to drive a knife into the heart of Israel. [...] Jews don’t like a big military budget, but it is now an interest of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States. [...] American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel”. We now understand better what reality Kristol was referring to, when he famously defined a neoconservative as “a liberal who has been mugged by reality”."

"Why aren’t Israeli F-16s over Beirut headline news?"

"Flash. Explosive. Sen. McCain poses with terrorists in Syria"

"Gaius Publius: They Don’t Hate Us for Our Freedom, They Hate Us for Our Bombs"

"WaPo Claims "Liberal Hawks" Are Quiet While Describing The Opposite"

"How Amnesty has let down Bradley Manning"  Amnesty isn't just useless, it is a force for evil in the world.

"How social mobility got stuck"  It didn't just happen, it was planned.

"JCPenney Billboard Promotes Tea Kettle That Looks Like Hitler"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"McCain and Graham stick their necks out for Victoria Nuland"  Hilarious!  As you will remember, Nuland is married to blood-pouring-from-the-fangs neocon Robert Kagan, one of the most evil men who has ever existed.  Considering the obvious ease of blackmailing both McCain and Graham, I'm sure they will be happy to 'stick their necks out'.  Of course, if you ignore the deep politics of power, it may seem very mysterious:  "Quizzical".

"Joe Biden’s faux pas" by Kevin MacDonald:  "Banning honest discussions of Jewish power is the linchpin that protects Jewish power."

"What an Anonymous U.S. Official Says About Iranians in Syria"  The usual method of conveying the usual lies.

"Israel dismisses report on nixed Russia-Syria arms deal"  "Russian arms 'to deter foreign intervention in Syria'" I suspect the deal was cancelled, following the usual Russian practice of promising arms in order to obtain diplomatic goals (in this case, possibly a promise by Bibi not to illegally attack Syria yet again), but who knows.

"The Eton Scholarship Question: this is how the British elite are trained to think"  There is a certain skill involved.

"Obama met privately with Friedman, Ignatius, etc."  I don't think Igantius is Jewish, so his invitation must have been a terrible mistake, and he probably had to sit in the corner while the human beings instructed the schwartze.

"Andrew Sullivan, terrorism, and the art of distortion"  In case you think Sullivan's mea culpa over the Iraq war means he is not a wanker.

"Israel shows benefits of having a pro-majority government"  The 'scientific' racists l-o-v-e Israel because it has an overtly racist immigration policy, and overall is a kind of utopia for those who love racism. 

"Ethan Bronnerc is back and he wants you to know thast there is only love in Israel"  Group supremacism cam create some odd artifacts.

"Magna Carta Anniversary Will be Missing Two Paragraphs"

Saturday, May 25, 2013


  1. "Woolwich maniacs stalked me"  They thought he was a soldier and then realized they were mistaken.  Killing a soldier was apparently important.  Why did they identify Lee Rigby as a soldier?  The Help for Heroes sweatshirt wouldn't have been enough, and his other clothing doesn't seem to definitively identify him as a soldier (scroll down here for picture of the body).  I note that he was a recruiter.  Could he have been specifically targeted?
  2. "Woolwich attack: MI5 'offered job to suspect'"  Of course.
  3. Both suspects clearly attempted suicide by cop.
  4. I note that the new 'conspiracy theory' is to claim that the whole incident was staged.  I also note that this is not helpful.
  5. If I saw a man on the street attacked and nearly decapitated by two men with machetes, men who then walk around menacingly with the bloody weapons, ranting and clearly high on drugs, I wouldn't stick around close enough to them to use my phone to take a video, YouTube fame notwithstanding.  Having a video confession makes motivation very clear.
  6. Other than the usual professional racists, discussion in the UK has been remarkably sane, demonstrating a growing understanding that the Wars For The Jews aren't moral, and that a violent reaction to them is inevitable.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Techniques of the 'debunkers'

"Boston Marathon bombings: rounding up the conspiracy theories" (note the snark without actually even an attempt at answering the questions raised by a real researcher:
"Daniel Hopsicker's claims to contain "investigative reporting into the drugs trade, 9/11, and state-sponsored crime." His Boston Marathon "investigation" suggests that the bombing suspects' uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, worked with the CIA, Chechnyan crime bosses and other groups often to be found in a second-rate thriller. It's unclear what these purported connections have to do with the suspects' motivations for the explosion – but there is talk of peacock-feathered stilt-walkers and ice sculptures of nude people."
"Black Backpacks and Colored Circles"

"Houdini's Revenge: Category Archives: Boston Marathon Bombing" referring, in part, to "Special Report on the Boston Marathon: The Curious Case of the Man Who Could Only Sit Down (Part 5)"

The main techniques of 'debunkers':
  1. focus on a goof like Alex Jones, and hope that the best theories are tainted by association;
  2. concentrate on the most ridiculous theories and hope that people will be encouraged to ignore the important ones; and
  3. just bluster your way through with some snarky comments, and hope nobody will read the source material.
I always wonder who the 'debunkers' think they are writing for.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Barry 'No Witnesses' Obama

The link from Xenophile in the comments is one of the few reports on this incident that mentions the connection of the FBI unit to the Boston bombers.  See also the comment by ChuckFinley at The Daily Beast:
"I wouldn't be surprised if this had happened to some young agents. But 'the best of the best' as they put it? This does not smell good."

Despite the fact that the tradecraft in the Boston bombing itself was sloppy, the removal of witnesses is operating at a world class level.  Witness removal is a large part of the reason behind the use of drones in targeted assassinations, and witness removal seems to be a large part of Obama's way of governing.  He has learned from watching the problems of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

'Solving' crimes, post 9/11

"Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarneav Responsible for 2011 Triple Homicide"  The first comment, by ironic_username, nails it:
"So the FBI shows up to perform a prolonged interrogation of this guy, ends up shooting and killing him, and then lets everyone know that it's okay because he was part of a triple homicide in 2011.
It's pretty convenient that they don't even need to have any sort of trial or anything at this point, because both of the suspects are dead.
If all law enforcement has to do to convict people of crimes is anonymously leak incriminating details to a compliant media without fear of rebuttal or reprisal, then do we really need to keep offering suspects trials by jury?"
After the FBI killed the guy they were interrogating, they immediately had to work backwards to solve the previously unsolvable crime, with the bonus that everybody will now forget that they eliminated a witness under very suspicious circumstances.  Presumably we are to believe that the dead guy confessed, implicated the two brothers, and then for some bizarre reason decided to take on the FBI armed with a knife he somehow procured.

Added:  they are backing off on the knife story.  Even Josh Marshall is finding this story hard to digest.

10 to 20 sounds like a sentence

"FBI Shoots Florida Man Linked to Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation"  Cleaning up inconvenient witnesses, (like the FBI did after the JFK assassination).  ". . . Wednesday's shooting came as a surprise during a cooperative interview."  I'll bet it was a big surprise for the witness.

"Man with ties to Boston bombing suspect shot during FBI questioning"  He was interrogated, presumably for a long time as they had a statement ready for him to sign, and he pulls a knife.  He had allegedly previously confessed to having played a role in the triple murder in Waltham bu the FBI didn't check him for weapons?  Ha!

"Israel, Syria, Trade Fire, Threats in Golan Heights":
"The Increasingly desperate Baath regime in Syria appears to be seeking skirmishes with Israel as a way of shoring up its nationalist credentials."
I would say it is those who support the CIA's 'al Qaeda' who are becoming increasingly desperate. Read Niqnaq's analysis for some real 'informed' comment. The Israelis would not be covering up the real cause of the death if it was the result of an unprovoked Syrian attack (in fact, it would be above the fold on the front page of the New York Times).  Parts of the Israeli government want the big war now, and are trying desperately to provoke the Syrians.

"Argentina’s General Videla and the 'war on terror'" by Bill Van Auken.  "US vows to continue its foreign 'war on terror' bid for at least 10-20 years"  "Op-Ed: US taxpayer detained indefinitely to pay for war on terror"  "Jim Scofield | War on terror has claimed many victims"  "Muslims and the War on Terror"  What will the United States look like after ten to twenty years more of this?

"The Mideast Crack-Up"  The quintessential Jewish tactic is to describe what they want to happen - in this case Yinon - as already having occurred, or at least an inevitability.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Be more professional! GCHQ staff rapped as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reveals messages that he says point to 'fit up'"  Of course, the official response is a caution to employees to avoid the truth in emails.

"CIA Troublemaking in Caucasus" by Wayne Madsen.  Nice summary of the names of the players.  I classify the probability that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was working for the CIA as highly likely, bordering on certain.

"Top 10 warning signs of 'liberal imperialism'"

"‘Co-Conspirator’: Fox News Reporter James Rosen’s Private Emails Given To Justice Dept. By Google"  'An aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator'? 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, May 20. 2013

"The Financialisation of Labour"

"Lord Stevens (Sir John Stevens) Sold Secrets"

"The Hidden Dossiers Bloomberg Reporters Keep on Powerful Clients"

"Our Internet Surveillance State":  ". . . we've ended up here with hardly a fight."  I'd say no fight at all.

"Is the U.S. Government Recording and Saving All Domestic Telephone Calls?"  The gist of the comments is that it is technically and financially possible, especially for an organization like the NSA with a basically infinite budget, and the fact it is illegal won't bother them in the least.

"Israeli Report Casts New Doubts on Shooting in Gaza"  Had they let this story lie, it would have been lost in the thousands of others the Jews have murdered, but supremacists are insulted that their honor has been besmirched.

"Kennedy’s insistence on right of return prompted Ben-Gurion to rewrite history: They fled ‘of their own free will’"  Part of the astonishing mountain of lies on which Zionism is built.

"Was Chilean poet Pablo Neruda poisoned?"  "1980 Death of Portugal Prime Minister and American October Surprise"

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday, May 19. 2013

"Church of Scotland Report Challenging Jews’ ‘Divine Right’ to Palestinian Homeland Unchanged" by Stuart Littlewood:
"The report's key conclusion remains that "the Church of Scotland does not agree with a premise that scripture offers any peoples a divine right to territory”. At least they stand firm on that.

They also recap on what they already believe, and here's where disagreements might flare up. For example…

·       “Israel is a recognised State and has the right to exist in peace and security.”

Yet Israel's right to exist seems somehow inconsistent with the Church's statement that scripture does not bestow a divine right to someone else's land. Even if the Church believes that the UN's 1947 Partition Plan was morally and legally right, what does it say to the Jewish terror groups that were driving Palestinians from their homes before the ink was dry and before the state of Israel was declared? What about the hundreds of towns and villages not even allocated to the Jewish state in the UN Plan but erased by Israel in order to implant itself. What about the systematic ethnic cleansing and the criminal occupation of additional Arab territories in the 1967 war? Perhaps the Church should remain silent on the 'right to exist' question, at least until Israel declares its internationally recognised boundaries and halts its illegal expansion."
"Central to the Church’s discussion is this excellent passage…

“To Christians in the 21st century, promises about the land of Israel shouldn't be intended to be taken literally, or as applying to a defined geographical territory; The 'promised land' in the Bible is not a place, so much as a metaphor of how things ought to be among the people of God. This 'promised land' can be found or built anywhere.”

The report’s key conclusions appear the same as before. Christians should not be supporting any claims by any people to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory… It is a misuse of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament) and the New Testament to use it as a topographic guide to settle contemporary conflicts over land.

And regarding Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory the Church remains committed to the following principles (previously set out and agreed by the General Assembly):

That the current situation is characterised by an inequality in power, therefore reconciliation can only be possible if the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the blockade of Gaza, are ended.

The Church of Scotland condemns violence, terrorism and intimidation no matter the perpetrator

The Church of Scotland affirms the right of Israelis and Palestinians to live within secure and fixed boundaries in states of their own.

The Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank are illegal under international law.

The Church of Scotland should do nothing to promote the viability of the illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

That human rights of all peoples should be respected, and this should include the right of return and / or compensation for Palestinian refugees.

That negotiations between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority about peace with justice must resume at the earliest opportunity and the Church of Scotland should continue to put political pressure on all parties to commence such negotiations, and asking all parties to recognise the inequality in power which characterises this situation.

That there are safe rights of access to the sacred sites for the main religions in the area.

This stance seems pretty robust to me, and the Church’s support for refugees’ right of return is very welcome. However it also raises questions. Why, having already emphasised that the crisis in the Holy Land is characterised by "an inequality of power", call for the two sides to be thrown together again in fruitless negotiations? Negotiate what? Freedom? Is that negotiable? The return of stolen lands and property? Is that negotiable? These matters are already decided by international and humanitarian law and numerous UN resolutions waiting to be enforced. How can the Church approve so-called 'negotiations' while one party is still under illegal occupation with a gun to his head? What justice is likely to come out of that? The Church does urge the UK Government and the European Union "to do all that is within their power to ensure that international law is upheld", but that surely must come first, rather than relying on discredited talks."
"From Al Jazeera to Columbia University: Joseph Massad’s obsession with Israel" Quite silly all around, but the Stormfront discussion it refers to is simply excellent (and note that they point out that Massad is largely full of shit, which of course opens up the question of why Zionism can't be uniquely EVIL in itself, without riding the coattails of National Socialism), particularly the pipeline post.

Speaking of being full of shit:  "Islamophobia is as widespread and acceptable as anti-Semitism used to be"  Note how deeply rotten and dangerous this argument is.  What Jack London and Henry Ford knew, and what people should know now, is that there are lots of sound reasons to be uniquely suspicious of Jewish finance capital.  There are no comparable reasons to be suspicious of Muslims (except, of course, where Muslim capital is used for Jewish ends, i.e., current Qatari financing of 'al Qaeda' in Syria).  The comparison is just another Jewish trick to protect the bad guys and endanger Muslims, and is a good window on the deep problems of lite Zionism.

The misuse of the 'anti-Semitism' slur and similar stunts predates the ADL:  "100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty".  Note the concerted propaganda effort solely on the basis that the accused was 'one of us'.

And speaking of Syria:  "Insight: Syria's Nusra Front eclipsed by Iraq-based al Qaeda"  In other words, if you think the heart-eaters are bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Note:
"With Assad gone it will be easier for Al Qaeda in Iraq to use Syria and the surrounding region as a base for future operations, which will not only be of concern to Syria’s neighbors (perhaps most notably Israel), but also Europe and the U.S."

These would be the people for which we can thank Colonel James Steele.

"Ignatieff:  'We have a duty to intervene in Syria'"  Not only is Iggy the essence of pure distilled evil, his misguided political holiday in Canada has left him out of the loop (embarrassing).  It is not 2001 any longer, and the Jewish billionaires who now run things are now much more cautious than the Jewish billionaires who were running things back when Iggy was a star of academia, and one of the monsters behind 'responsibility to protect'.  Here's hoping Susan Rice's return is derailed by the Benghazi conspiracy.

To wash the Iggy out of your mouth:  "The Syrian Crisis: The Option" by Jeremy Salt (I think we all know what 'friends and allies' means):
"There are other more likely answers to ‘what will happen’. This is that the  Syrian army will eventually drive the surviving ‘rebels’ out of the country and Bashar will come out of this  more popular than ever because he saw off the greatest challenge to the Syrian state in its history.   Elections will be held in 2014 and he will be elected president with 75 per cent of the vote. This at least is what the CIA is predicting.

Erdogan came to Washington also wanting Obama to ‘do more’,  but clearly the US president does not want to do much if anything more. The Turkish media reported that Obama said Assad ‘must’ go but this was not what he said.  He chose his words carefully. In his press conference with Erdogan he did not say that said Assad ‘must’ go but that he ‘needs’ to go and ‘needs’ to transfer power to a transitional body. The difference is all-important. Personally, Obama will not want to end his presidency stuck in an unwinnable and unpopular war, one, furthermore, that could quickly shift from regional to global crisis. A recent Pew poll shows that the American people have had enough of wars in the Middle East and the talks between Kerry and Lavrov indicate that this time, having allowed the Geneva agreement of July, 2012, to fall flat, the US is serious about reaching a negotiated end to this crisis even if others aren’t.  If there is any danger of the US position being derailed, it will mostly likely arise within the ranks of its friends and allies."

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Media manipulation

From Cryptome (citing the very interesting blog Cryptocomb) : "RT Names/Cuts Stephen Holmes CIA COS Moscow".  The Mossad wants us to think that the Russians set this all up (perhaps they supplied Fogle's wigs?!).

The Boston bombing story isn't fooling anybody, so the authorities keep leaking implausible details:  "Bloody confession: Tsarnaev 'wrote note' inside boat prior to arrest".  You'd think this might have been revealed a little sooner if it were true.

"Former Chechen Rebel Is at Center of Boston Bombing Investigation"  There is no content in this story and it appears to be part of the ongoing plan to make Americans terrified of scary Mooooslims.  See also the ongoing efforts at Wired's 'Danger Room':  "Terrorist Entered Witness Protection, Then Fled the United States".

Also via Cryptocomb:  "FBI seeks source of prostitution, corruption allegations against Sen. Robert Menendez"  CIA on page 3.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wigged out

"The Americans’ Hair Designer Weighs in on Ryan Fogle’s Terrible Wig"

The CIA is a professional organization with professional standards.  We're left with only one conclusion.  Somebody in the CIA feared a growing warmth between the Russians and Americans and decided to create a phony spy scandal to cool things down a bit.  Fogle made himself as obvious as possible.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spy stories

The big Benghazi conspiracy scandal is derailing the attempt - they are still at it (Pannell has been at this for quite a while) - to provoke greater American provisioning of the heart-eaters:
"Much more damaging than this however, is that Benghazi links the White House directly to the Syrian proxy war. The hearings have already begun to open the lid on how the US covert ‘national-wrecking’ road show were facilitating both the transfer of both weapons and foreign al Qaeda fighters from Libya in order to help destabilize the sovereign nation of Syria. Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others who died when Washington was forced to pull the plug on their operation there, are now known to be mere expendable cannon fodder - a revelation that has disgusted many American voters who would have previously turned a blind eye to any similar covert and underhanded US operations overseas."

The New York Times has given up all pretense to being anything other than an arm of the Israeli military:  "‘NY Times’ relays Israeli threat to attack Syria".  Nasrallah's putting the Golan Heights in play has caused all Jews to rush to the aid of their country.

"Don't worry, BloomBorg's hive mind is merely assimilating new entities"  I wonder if this revelation will make it harder for Bloomberg to buy the New York Times.

"FBI files reveal Anti-Defamation League spied on Arab students" I'd suggest there might be implications for the charitable status of the ADL, but that would be silly.

"The day the Obama administration went all Nixon on us"  The fact that the United States is allied with, and materially supports, the radical violent Sunni groups known collectively as 'al Qaeda' is something the American people can never know about.  The 'left' and the right both agree. The Yemen scandal is a just another facet of the Benghazi scandal, which is just another facet of the Syrian rebel scandal, which is just another facet of the Osama bin Laden scandal. The entire security state, the institutionalized Islamophobia, the complete lack of personal privacy, the Global War on Terror, the never-ending series of Wars For The Jews, etc - not to mention the causal effects of all this money wasting on the calls for austerity - is based on a huge lie, and Obama will do anything to prevent the truth getting out.  Americans have reached the point that much of the American economy, and even more of the wealth of the 1%, is based on wars and security and intelligence, and the necessity of all of it is based on this lie.  Nothing Nixon did comes even close to what Obama is up to.  Not even close.

Remember this?:  "The Yemen printer cartridge hoax"

"‘AP’ says Barbara Boxer is favoring Israeli travelers over American ones"  Remember all those Israelis driving white vans around various terrorist attacks who were in the United States illegally?  No longer a problem!  All Americans have to do is incorporate unconstitutional Israeli discrimination practices into American law by turning over management of American immigration to the Israeli government.  What could possibly go wrong?  It continues to amaze me how much of the American Congress is so brazenly traitorous.  The Make Life Easier For The Mossad Act.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

As if he was trying to be caught

Lots of spy stuff these days, but this American in Russia is particularly odd.  From Cryptome:
"A3 sends:

Screenshots of Fogle's Facebook. Something doesn't seem right about this - Gmail as a method of communication? Such poor tradecraft? Maybe the CIA have become even more incompetent but something doesn't fit. "
Scroll down for a list of his James Bond stuff and where you can buy it: "Outfit for next Halloween - sorted."

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Look at the wig!

"Ryan Fogle: American in ill-fitting wig arrested by Russians accused of being CIA spy" (connected to Tamerlan's spying for the Americans?):
"The Russian agency claimed the American was trying to recruit a counter-terrorism officer who specialises in the Caucasus, a region in south Russia which also covers Chechnya and Dagestan."
"US Spy or Nigerian Scam Artist?"

It is funny that wigs are a big part of the tradecraft depicted in the excellent new American television series 'The Americans',  a series which has replaced 'Homeland' as the darling of the critics no doubt due to the heavy-handed Islamophobia which has caused 'Homeland' to jump the shark.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013

"‘Newseum’ folds under pressure, will not include Gaza cameramen in program honoring fallen journalists"  Very few have the balls to face up to pure EVIL, but those who do have to be prepared, physically and spiritually and financially, for an onslaught of apocalyptic proportions.

"Ronald Reagan: Accessory to Genocide"  The countries like Guatemala that are willing and able to clean up their criminal political past have a rosy future. The countries with no future are the countries that can't even conceive of dealing with mega-monsters like Bush and Blair.

The charming people behind Michael Neumann's 'truly popular revolt':  "Savage Online Videos Fuel Syria’s Descent Into Madness".

"Protest not the agenda as Daniel Pipes comes to Ottawa"  There has been quite the parade of speakers promoting Islamophobia in Canada recently.  If you go see Pipes you can tell your grandchildren that you actually saw the Devil in the flesh.

"How Elites and Media Minimize Dissent and Bury Truth"  Roberts, with full conservative credentials, keeps getting better and better, and writes what American 'progressives', screaming for more Wars For The Jews, will never write.

The only good thing about some people is that they die:  "Peter Worthington, Toronto Sun co-founder and legendary journalist, dead at 86"

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Le Figaro: 'The spectacular French turnaround on Syria'"  All the Russians had to do was stand tall for their principles, and all the vile imperialists collapsed.  Still, be prepared for a series of tricks to derail any chance of peace.

Via Whiskey Fire:  "BDS lied about Stephen Hawking joining anti-Israel academic boycott (Update – retraction of the retraction?)(Final update? Hawking essentially refused to cross boycott picket line)"  An attempt to run with the Cambridge University lie runs into the facts in an amusing way.

"Church of Scotland backs away from boycott call in the face of pressure"  "More on the Church of Scotland’s controversial report on occupation"  Honesty and purity haven't got a chance, but we have to appreciate the effort.

It is lucky for that cretin Stephen Hawking that he had a Jew to tell him what to do.

"How $57 Million Holocaust Fraud Unfolded at Claims Conference" "'I cannot stand Jewish people': Lawyer almost loses her career over office rant about queue-jumping man at medical centre"

"Jewish Supremacists Becoming Even More Fanatic as Ultra-Orthodox Outbreed other Jews"  "Israel Moves to End Gender Segregation in Public Spaces" 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

With a 'T'

"Malcolm Shabazz's Suspicious Death"  "Malcolm X’s Grandson Describes Inhumane FBI Arrest"  Note the arrest to stop him from going to the Hollywoodism conference in Iran, and the connections to Libya and Syria.

On being thrown from a high building:
  1. "Mossad agents murdered my husband, says widow of billionaire arms dealer"
  2. "Ashraf Marwan"
  3. "More on the death of Ashraf Marwan"
  4. "Ashraf Marwan's shoes"
"Call over Israeli West Bank goods" "SodaStream "treats us like slaves," says Palestinian factory worker"

"Unexpected twists in case of deadly blast at Texas fertilizer plant"  We still have no idea what really happened in Texas or in Boston, and the 'evidence' is just as weak or non-existent in either case (in Texas, I should think that not having a pipe bomb would make you a suspicious person).  Speaking of no evidence (if you read the article carefully there is nothing):  "'Mounting Evidence' Boston Bombers Involved in 2011 Triple Murder" (note the emptied fireworks have moved from the 'landfill', an implausible place for the FBI to find them, to 'Planet Aid charity donation bins', a ridiculous place for anybody to pick who was trying to hide evidence).

"Suspect in Boston Bombing Talked Jihad in Russia"  There are two kinds of guys who 'talk jihad':
  1. jihadists; and
  2. American agents trying to infiltrate jihadist groups.

Given what we know about Uncle Ruslan and Graham Fuller, I am surprised the American media isn't giving this one a rest.

It is the cover-up that always gets them:
  1. "Benghazi emails reveal CIA-State Department turf war: Administration officials";
  2. "White House scrambles to contain Benghazi-gate fallout".
You might wonder why Nuland still has a job until you realize that she is a propaganda agent for World Jewry.  What she was trying to hide is the tip of the iceberg of the Benghazi conspiracy.

With a 'T':  "The U.S. has Spent $8 Trillion Protecting the Straits of Hormuz"

Friday, May 10, 2013

The real friends, and real enemies, of Syria

"Excerpts on Syria from Seyyid Hassan Nasrallah’s latest"  Nasrallah’s speeches are serious and important.  Here he wants to make it clear to the Jews that they can't just wreck Syria without serious repercussions.  He also understands the most basic idea of sticking by your friends:
"Oh Palestinian and Arab people who reject Israeli hegemony, you will not find anyone to stand by your side except he who has stood by your side for tens of years. Protect those who stood by you, protect the sources of strength in your axis.  Any serious effort to find a political solution in Syria which refuses to allow Syria to fall into the hands of the US, Israel and the takfiris is effectively the battle for Palestine, the battle for Quds, the battle for the Aqsa mosque."

"Why Israel Can't Be Part of Obama's Calculus on Syria"  Hilarious attempt to claim the Jews are innocent, despite the massive air strikes and the vile false-flag lies about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army, both clearly directed at the Americans, and reflected immediately in warmongering by the usual Jewslave Congress traitors like McCain.

I keep hearing how Obama's going to do this, and Obama's going to do that, all involving escalation.  Isn't it completely clear by now that Obama's plan all along has been to do nothing?  I'm sure he's thinking he got away with the Iran-contra style operation in Benghazi by the skin of his teeth (only the most extreme nutty right-wingers dare come even close to how awful it was, and Barry is saved only by a general bipartisan agreement to hide the deep politics of Wars For The Jews).  Now that Hezbollah is engaged, it may only be a few weeks until this problem sorts itself out.

Speaking of which, everyone seems to have forgotten that Russian and Chinese support for Syria derives directly from the fury in those countries at being deceived in the UN over American War-For-The-Jews plans for Libya (and you can immediately see how the concept of Wars For The Jews is crucial to understanding what is going on).  This is reflected most recently in the extreme lack of success in Kerry's visit to Russia.  "Kerry hopes Russia won't sell missiles to Syria"  Hopes? "Kerry warns Russia against selling high-performance missiles to Syria"   Washington Post makes it 'warns', but it is still ''hopes'.

"Israel Cozies Up to China"  Note how Barry can't get Bibi to do a thing about the settlements, but China asks and a sudden freeze appears, and the Jew-controlled American media hides why.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Attempted lies

"Stephen Hawking Joins Boycott Against Israel":
"'Never has a scientist of this stature boycotted Israel,' said Yigal Palmor, the spokesman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry."
Note how Cambridge University immediately tried to lie about the boycott aspect, claiming Hawking was not attending due to health reasons.  Note how the Jews tried to spin this as Hawking retracting his initial explanation (the attempt at message manipulation by Cambridge University backfired in a big way).

"Did YU's Harry Ostrer Cook The Genetic Books To Support False Findings Of Ashkenazi Jews Origins?"  Khazars.  The first comment is a meta-joke.  Also note the comment by Sarek:
"I have a question:
If kohanim in both Ashkenazi and Sephardic populations have the same gene on their Y chromosomes that supposedly descended from Aaron, then how can Ashkenazi kohanim be descended from a totally different population?
I would have to conclude that multiple earlier kohanim men intermarried with Khazar women.
Any PhD's in genetics out there?"
Answer here (the comments are very good reading).  This whole subject is interesting only because the Jews use a heap of lies about genetics to try to provide a basis for their land thieving.

"CIA's New Chief Spy Outed on Twitter"  "Chief of CIA's 'Global Jihad Unit' Revealed Online"

"Did Putin warn Netanyahu?"  Putin may very well have yelled at Bibi, but Debka's constant position is that somebody is supplying horrible arms to Israel's enemies, so I would rule that part out.

"Kerry retreats from U.S. stance that Assad must go"  Immediately retracted, but Kerry's main diplomatic trick is to say what he means and then claim he 'mispoke'.  He is getting a lot of mileage from appearing to be a bumbler.

"Expanding the Legal Paradigm for Palestine: An International Law Conference at Birzeit University"  International law has always assumed that nobody could possibly be as evil as the Jews have been, leaving international law insufficient for the Palestinians.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013


There seems to be a behind-the-scenes debate in Israel over how insane the Jews should be, leading to some weirdness:  "'This is not a declaration of war': Israel seeks to reassure Syria over airstrikes that reportedly killed at least 42":
"The Israeli government has not formally confirmed involvement in strikes on Syria, which the latter country described as a “declaration of war”, though some members of Israel’s political elite have reportedly sought to persuade the Syrian government that the attacks were not designed to weaken President Bashar al-Assad’s position.

. . .

Syrian claims of Israeli warmongering were yesterday denied by Tzachi Hanegbi, a member of the Knesset. He said that if there was an increase in tensions, “it is only against Hezbollah, not against the Syrian regime”."
Most of us have forgotten about this, but some Israeli officials still feel a need to churn out another explanation: "‘Prisoner X’ sabotaged spy mission to recover bodies: report"

The Cable is reliably pathetic:  "U.N. investigator on Syria: Out over her skis yet again?"

"The cost of hand-to-mouth living"  The basis of the idea of the middle class is that people who aren't rich might have a small amount of at least limited economic security.  The 1% have come to believe that there is no need to waste money on that bosh.

"Gerald Posner is in trouble again. This one is unbelievable."  Stealing from an icon is never wise.

"Coincidence: Alleged Bomber’s Widow Is Granddaughter of Skull & Bones Member"  I thought they were going with the 'self-radicalization' tale, so I'm a little surprised they've started to go after the wife.

"Hollywood conservative unmasked as notorious Holocaust revisionist"  "Hollywood Conservative Leader Turns Out to Be Holocaust Revisionist"  Were I a conspiracy theorist I might wonder why Jews are so greatly over-represented amongst the number of neo-Nazis, holocaust deniers, etc.

Monday, May 06, 2013


"U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator"  There is no bigger Zionist stooge than Ban Ki-moon, so truth from the U.N. is v-e-r-y unusual.  Discovery of the false-flag attack should take the artificial 'red line' out of the picture.

"An act of war from Israel – but why now?"  Is Israel stupid/desperate enough to be trying to help the rebels militarily?  An unambiguous Assad victory would not be Good For The Jews.

"The Angry Arabs Will No Longer Fight Against Syria"  It was a Zionist/CIA/Gulf States conspiracy all along.

"The Lahd Army of Syria: Free Syrian Army"

"Possible Human Trafficking Investigated at Saudi Diplomatic Compound in Virginia"  "Saudi Compound in Virginia with alleged Domestic Slaves also Housed some Very High-Profile Residents"  The Saudis are always allowed to get away with this kind of illegal activity all around the world.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Assad's army has started a process of decisive victories, and this is causing extreme angst amongst the usual, and some unusual, suspects.

The Likudnik Jews, both in Israel and the United States, are horrified that their machinations in destroying Syria might result in a recovered country with a kick-ass army, a stronger alliance with its friends in Iran and Lebanon and Russia and the arising new powerhouse countries around the word, and a distinct animus against the Jewish state and its slaves who have caused so much misery.  Thus, the Jew-owned Congress-traitors stirring up shit about American involvement, the lies about Syrian army use of chemical weapons (lies directly fed from Israel), and the repeated illegal Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.  Against this, and so far predominant, is the larger American plan to avoid new big Wars For The Jews, on the simple basis that another one would utterly destroy the United States (and any American involvement beyond arming 'al Qaeda' - as horrible as that has turned out -  including 'no fly zones' - the longstanding trick to inevitably set Americans down the path to yet another gentile on gentile war -  will inevitably end with American boots on the ground and another clusterfuck like Iraq or Afghanistan).  The Jewish Billionaires who own Barry have clearly accepted this, as long as all other support for the Jews, including covert wars, sanction wars, drone wars, and parasitical Jewish draining of American wealth, is allowed to continue.

Although it is the height of impoliteness to even mention it, much Muslim commentary is purely sectarian (this explains how the Jews are so successful at Muslim manipulation), and the Sunnis hide support for their guys under a cloud of phony concern about human rights, simply bizarre in this case, where the only alternative to Assad - and there is no chance I am wrong about this - is decades of violent civil war and a population under a rule that will make Saudis look like humanitarians (just take a gander at Libya, and imagine how Syria will be much worse).  The kind of rich old guys who are behind the official anti-Assad rebellion care not a whit about the loss of rule of law which strict sharia necessarily entails, as its effects fall on women and the poor, and legal decisions arbitrarily made up by local officials are easily manipulated with bribes.  The loss of a professional judiciary and a government which actively hates the majority of the population it rules over on the basis of sectarian religious prejudice, hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Of course, the Qatari and Saudi rulers are using this proxy war as an attack on Iran, in the false hope that they can maintain their completely unjustifiable and immoral hold on the wealth and power in their countries if only they can change the subject to a Sunni-Shi'ite conflict.

"The unreported story on Syria":
"I really wonder: is all this noise about chemical weapons in the Western media intended to conceal another story (which is still unreported): that the Syrian armed groups are retreating on all fronts?"

"Israeli Airstrikes Signal Western Desperation in Syria" by Tony Cartalucci 

"AIPAC/ Winep to host Israeli minister & Free Syrian Army representatives!"

"Why Support the Syrian Revolution"  Completely bizarre (and comically over-the-top desperate), both article and introduction.  "Those infantile apologists for fascism who imagine against the facts that Syria’s popular revolution is a foreign conspiracy . . . "?  Note the ridiculous overstating of "Assad’s cruelties" (and I am not stating that Assad's government wasn't cruel - just look at his participation in the American 'rendition' program, on the misguided assumption that he could thereby buy some loyalty from the Americans, but it wasn't cruel for the sake of cruelty, and, as we've seen, almost all the atrocities blamed on the Syrian army have been committed by the Sunni extremist rebels and then false-flagged by Syrian rebel - and Jew-controlled media - propaganda outlets).  And look at this amazing celebration of medieval rule by 'al Qaeda':  "If it prevails, the Syrian uprising will be the first truly popular revolt to succeed since 1789 – the first since the dawn of the industrial age."

Neumann passes for an anti-Zionist, but he is a classic lite Zionist trickster:  "A Response to Michael Neumann - There’s Nothing Idealistic About the One-State Solution" by Jonathan Cook.  As I've always said, when the going gets tough for Israel - and the Likudniks are clearly scared at what they have done - the lite Zionists will all immediately show themselves to be hard-core Zionists.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Billionaires, etc

The relevant Jewish billionaires really want a two-state solution:  "Palestine now recognised by greater power than US or Israel – Google"

"Who has mentioned Forbes Israel's cover story on Jewish billionaires?"

Fun details on the nominee for American Commerce Secretary, appropriately someone who may have single-handedly wrecked the entire American economy:  "The Privilege of the Pritzkers"

From Niqnaq:  "the old ‘jewish leftist’ con":  Did the Jews manage to con Stalin into thinking that the new State of Israel would be a communist ally of the Soviet Union, thus tricking him into allowing the Czechs to supply the Jews with the arms they needed?

"Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?" by Stephen Lendman

"Kosovo organ trafficking: Five found guilty of duping patients into selling kidneys" (if you scroll way down you'll find a detail completely missing in the rare American reporting on the case):
"But Moshe Harel, an Israeli described by the court's indictment as the gang's "key recruiter and fixer" remains at large along with Dr Yusuf Sonmez – despite warrants being issued for their arrests."
"Key suspect in Kosovo organ case 'arrested in Israel'"  "Israeli organ trafficking ring-leader arrested" Yet he is still 'at large'.

"Church of Scotland: Jews do not have a right to the land of Israel"  Shocking, in that it attacks the root lie of Jewish supremacist claims to have a right to steal the land of the Palestinians.

"British Court Decision May Foster Academic Boycott of Israel"

"Major defeat in case claiming union was anti-semitic":
"Was the Israeli government involved too? A senior official at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently revealed that, “over the last six months Israel has taken on two (court) cases in partnership with UK Jewry” in fighting Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS). This very likely includes Fraser’s case, yet Anthony Julius had previously denied any such links, saying that to assume the case was “being supported by the Israeli government” is a “fantasy”."
Note the link to "Trends to expect from BDS & how to klap them".

"Conspiracy Theories in Kyrgyzstan: Accounts Tie Boston Bombers' Family to Mafia"  Vague, but no doubt on the right track.

"Sep. 11, after a decade":
"Think about it. After more than ten years since Sep. 11, the US is edging toward reconciliation with Taliban in Afghanistan, and is practically aligned with Al-Qa`idah in Syria.  If only the American public knows."

Friday, May 03, 2013

A new low

Even though she owns him, I thought she was too crooked and, well, EVIL, for Barry to have the nerve to pick her as Commerce Secretary (when you look up 'fox in the henhouse' in the dictionary . . . ):  "Obama turns to Chicago again and picks Penny Pritzker for commerce job"
"Barack Obama made a controversial choice as commerce secretary Thursday when he nominated top fundraiser and Hyatt hotel heiress Penny Pritzker, in spite of her long-running dispute with unions over workplace conditions and school closures.

. . .

. . . unions . . .  lambasted her over conditions of workers in the Hyatt hotel chain, on whose board she sits.
The hotel workers union Unite has campaigned against Hyatt and targeted board members in the past, organising a boycott through its Hyatt Hurts campaign. She has also been criticised for her role on the Chicago Board of Education.

Kristine Mayle, financial secretary of the Chicago Teachers Union, called Pritzker's appointment "deeply disappointing".

Pritzker resigned from the board in March after overseeing what is believed to be the largest school closing programme in US history. "I can only hope she does a better in this position than she had done for the children of Chicago," said Mayle.

Chicago is planning to shut 54 schools in a move that will hit 47,000 children, 88% of them African American. The closures have sparked huge protests. "It just shows if you donate enough money, everything is fine," said Mayle.

. . . 

There was strong speculation in 2008 that she would be appointed to commerce, but she said at the time she was not putting her name forward for family reasons. At the time, the Pritzker family was involved in a long-running dispute with the IRS over overseas tax holdings, and also ownership of a bank involved in the sub-prime scandal, both of which would have made any appointment problematic."
"Penny Pritzker’s failed Superior Bank lost customer savings in subprime crisis"

"Commerce Secretary Nominee Tied to Bank Scandal"

"Obama Finance Chair Tied To Subprime Scandal"

This has to be one of the most outrageous nominations in the history of American politics, but the Pritzker and Crown families own Barry.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Look what I found in the landfill

If you work for the CIA and show up in Chechnya or Dagestan and try to join a radical group, you are probably going to need a pretty good reference.  They will also check up on you by calling somebody who attends your mosque in Boston.  Thus, you will have been working on your 'legend', transforming from a guy who doesn't give a shit about religion to a suddenly ultra-religious man who doesn't mind if everybody knows how extremist he is:  "Mosque Says Tamerlan Tsarnaev Had Two Outbursts In The Last Year" (my emphasis in red):
"The troublesome behavior first came in November, just before Thanksgiving, the mosque said. At a weekly prayer, a preacher gave a sermon saying it was appropriate for Muslims to celebrate American holidays. Tamerlan Tsarnaev stood up and argued that "celebration of any holiday was not allowed in the faith."

The preacher met with Tsarnaev and discussed the issue after the service.

In January, the mosque said Tsarnaev had a similar outburst.

This time, the sermon included praise for Martin Luther King Jr., and this time Tsarnaev shouted, calling the preacher a "non-believer" and "hypocrite" who was "contaminating people's minds." Congregants shouted back at him, telling him to leave, and he did."
 William Plotnikov:  "Canadian may have fought ‘jihad’ in Dagestan, but he had nothing to do with Boston bombing, father says" (my emphasis in red):
"Both were boxers and immigrants in their early 20s who suddenly became devout Muslims and left North American for Dagestan, a southern Russian republic where armed groups are fighting to impose Islamic law."
Do you think the CIA is recruiting in boxing gyms?

"3 men allegedly helped Boston bombers after attack" (my emphasis in red; in the absence of evidence that the brothers had bombs, this is getting silly and impossible to believe):
"Kadyrbayev said he placed the backpack and fireworks along with trash from the apartment into a large trash bag and threw it into a garbage bin near the men's apartment.

When the backpack was later found in a landfill last week, inside it was a UMass-Dartmouth homework assignment sheet from a class Tsarnaev was taking, the FBI said."
The FBI must think that Americans are awfully stupid.


"Boston PD: 3 Additional Suspects Taken Into Custody In Marathon Bombing"

"Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington  now DENIES his nation warned the United States about Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2012"

Various links

I've been distracted, and links are piling up.

"Pappe's Discomfort" by Gilad Atzmon:
". . . we are dealing here with a total and categorical dismissal of otherness. This is not a symptom of ‘cognitive dissonance’ but rather a historical continuum of a psychopathological condition that is inherent to the politics of the chosen. It is the direct outcome of Judeocentric supremacy - the very domain Pappe and others prefer not to tackle."

"Jewish Wealth by the Numbers":
"The true problem with Forbes Israel‘s list is neither ideological nor ethical. Instead, it’s a slapdash affair with poor quality control. Forbes Israel palpably undercounts the number of American Jews on the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans. (In 2012, it took a minimum net worth of $1.1 billion to make the 400, so everyone on the Forbes 400 is a billionaire, but a few hard-up billionaires with only $1.0 billion didn’t make the Forbes 400.)
The highest quality analysis of the Forbes 400 list by ethnicity is the one updated periodically by human-sciences blogger n/a at his race/history/evolution notes website."
"Overall, n/a states that 140 of the Forbes 400 rankings of richest Americans, or 35 percent, are Jewish."
Subtle and secret Google manipulation of the world view: "Poor Jason Collins: Google breaks Google Gaydar just in time for his coming out"  I am more inclined to suspect a high-level conspiracy.  That kind of power tends to get used.

"You Are a Guinea Pig: Americans Exposed to Biohazards in Great Uncontrolled Experiment"  "Roundup is more toxic than declared proves new Seralini study"  "Study: Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide Linked to Cancer, Autism, Parkinson's"  "5 Appalling Facts About The Monsanto Protection Act Obama Signed Into Law (GMO Heaven)"  "How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?"  "Comprehensive List Of GMO Products"

"Hezbollah Warns Of Possible Syria Intervention"  It was a big mistake for the Sunni Axis of Evil Potentates to publicly muse about extending the War on the Syrian People to Lebanon.

"Israel gives up white phosphorus, because 'it doesn't photograph well'"

"Irish Banks Were Bailed Out To Make Bill Gates Whole"

"US Citizen Arrested in Venezuela in Connection with Destabilization Plans"

"Matt Yglesias resigns from the presumed-progressive community — with prejudice"  Sounds like a Donald Trump or Montgomery Burns level of mustache-twirling evil.

"I long for the future where I can safely assume my passwords are stolen"