Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10 to 20 sounds like a sentence

"FBI Shoots Florida Man Linked to Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation"  Cleaning up inconvenient witnesses, (like the FBI did after the JFK assassination).  ". . . Wednesday's shooting came as a surprise during a cooperative interview."  I'll bet it was a big surprise for the witness.

"Man with ties to Boston bombing suspect shot during FBI questioning"  He was interrogated, presumably for a long time as they had a statement ready for him to sign, and he pulls a knife.  He had allegedly previously confessed to having played a role in the triple murder in Waltham bu the FBI didn't check him for weapons?  Ha!

"Israel, Syria, Trade Fire, Threats in Golan Heights":
"The Increasingly desperate Baath regime in Syria appears to be seeking skirmishes with Israel as a way of shoring up its nationalist credentials."
I would say it is those who support the CIA's 'al Qaeda' who are becoming increasingly desperate. Read Niqnaq's analysis for some real 'informed' comment. The Israelis would not be covering up the real cause of the death if it was the result of an unprovoked Syrian attack (in fact, it would be above the fold on the front page of the New York Times).  Parts of the Israeli government want the big war now, and are trying desperately to provoke the Syrians.

"Argentina’s General Videla and the 'war on terror'" by Bill Van Auken.  "US vows to continue its foreign 'war on terror' bid for at least 10-20 years"  "Op-Ed: US taxpayer detained indefinitely to pay for war on terror"  "Jim Scofield | War on terror has claimed many victims"  "Muslims and the War on Terror"  What will the United States look like after ten to twenty years more of this?

"The Mideast Crack-Up"  The quintessential Jewish tactic is to describe what they want to happen - in this case Yinon - as already having occurred, or at least an inevitability.
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