Sunday, May 05, 2013


Assad's army has started a process of decisive victories, and this is causing extreme angst amongst the usual, and some unusual, suspects.

The Likudnik Jews, both in Israel and the United States, are horrified that their machinations in destroying Syria might result in a recovered country with a kick-ass army, a stronger alliance with its friends in Iran and Lebanon and Russia and the arising new powerhouse countries around the word, and a distinct animus against the Jewish state and its slaves who have caused so much misery.  Thus, the Jew-owned Congress-traitors stirring up shit about American involvement, the lies about Syrian army use of chemical weapons (lies directly fed from Israel), and the repeated illegal Israeli attacks on Syrian territory.  Against this, and so far predominant, is the larger American plan to avoid new big Wars For The Jews, on the simple basis that another one would utterly destroy the United States (and any American involvement beyond arming 'al Qaeda' - as horrible as that has turned out -  including 'no fly zones' - the longstanding trick to inevitably set Americans down the path to yet another gentile on gentile war -  will inevitably end with American boots on the ground and another clusterfuck like Iraq or Afghanistan).  The Jewish Billionaires who own Barry have clearly accepted this, as long as all other support for the Jews, including covert wars, sanction wars, drone wars, and parasitical Jewish draining of American wealth, is allowed to continue.

Although it is the height of impoliteness to even mention it, much Muslim commentary is purely sectarian (this explains how the Jews are so successful at Muslim manipulation), and the Sunnis hide support for their guys under a cloud of phony concern about human rights, simply bizarre in this case, where the only alternative to Assad - and there is no chance I am wrong about this - is decades of violent civil war and a population under a rule that will make Saudis look like humanitarians (just take a gander at Libya, and imagine how Syria will be much worse).  The kind of rich old guys who are behind the official anti-Assad rebellion care not a whit about the loss of rule of law which strict sharia necessarily entails, as its effects fall on women and the poor, and legal decisions arbitrarily made up by local officials are easily manipulated with bribes.  The loss of a professional judiciary and a government which actively hates the majority of the population it rules over on the basis of sectarian religious prejudice, hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Of course, the Qatari and Saudi rulers are using this proxy war as an attack on Iran, in the false hope that they can maintain their completely unjustifiable and immoral hold on the wealth and power in their countries if only they can change the subject to a Sunni-Shi'ite conflict.

"The unreported story on Syria":
"I really wonder: is all this noise about chemical weapons in the Western media intended to conceal another story (which is still unreported): that the Syrian armed groups are retreating on all fronts?"

"Israeli Airstrikes Signal Western Desperation in Syria" by Tony Cartalucci 

"AIPAC/ Winep to host Israeli minister & Free Syrian Army representatives!"

"Why Support the Syrian Revolution"  Completely bizarre (and comically over-the-top desperate), both article and introduction.  "Those infantile apologists for fascism who imagine against the facts that Syria’s popular revolution is a foreign conspiracy . . . "?  Note the ridiculous overstating of "Assad’s cruelties" (and I am not stating that Assad's government wasn't cruel - just look at his participation in the American 'rendition' program, on the misguided assumption that he could thereby buy some loyalty from the Americans, but it wasn't cruel for the sake of cruelty, and, as we've seen, almost all the atrocities blamed on the Syrian army have been committed by the Sunni extremist rebels and then false-flagged by Syrian rebel - and Jew-controlled media - propaganda outlets).  And look at this amazing celebration of medieval rule by 'al Qaeda':  "If it prevails, the Syrian uprising will be the first truly popular revolt to succeed since 1789 – the first since the dawn of the industrial age."

Neumann passes for an anti-Zionist, but he is a classic lite Zionist trickster:  "A Response to Michael Neumann - There’s Nothing Idealistic About the One-State Solution" by Jonathan Cook.  As I've always said, when the going gets tough for Israel - and the Likudniks are clearly scared at what they have done - the lite Zionists will all immediately show themselves to be hard-core Zionists.
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