Friday, May 10, 2013

The real friends, and real enemies, of Syria

"Excerpts on Syria from Seyyid Hassan Nasrallah’s latest"  Nasrallah’s speeches are serious and important.  Here he wants to make it clear to the Jews that they can't just wreck Syria without serious repercussions.  He also understands the most basic idea of sticking by your friends:
"Oh Palestinian and Arab people who reject Israeli hegemony, you will not find anyone to stand by your side except he who has stood by your side for tens of years. Protect those who stood by you, protect the sources of strength in your axis.  Any serious effort to find a political solution in Syria which refuses to allow Syria to fall into the hands of the US, Israel and the takfiris is effectively the battle for Palestine, the battle for Quds, the battle for the Aqsa mosque."

"Why Israel Can't Be Part of Obama's Calculus on Syria"  Hilarious attempt to claim the Jews are innocent, despite the massive air strikes and the vile false-flag lies about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army, both clearly directed at the Americans, and reflected immediately in warmongering by the usual Jewslave Congress traitors like McCain.

I keep hearing how Obama's going to do this, and Obama's going to do that, all involving escalation.  Isn't it completely clear by now that Obama's plan all along has been to do nothing?  I'm sure he's thinking he got away with the Iran-contra style operation in Benghazi by the skin of his teeth (only the most extreme nutty right-wingers dare come even close to how awful it was, and Barry is saved only by a general bipartisan agreement to hide the deep politics of Wars For The Jews).  Now that Hezbollah is engaged, it may only be a few weeks until this problem sorts itself out.

Speaking of which, everyone seems to have forgotten that Russian and Chinese support for Syria derives directly from the fury in those countries at being deceived in the UN over American War-For-The-Jews plans for Libya (and you can immediately see how the concept of Wars For The Jews is crucial to understanding what is going on).  This is reflected most recently in the extreme lack of success in Kerry's visit to Russia.  "Kerry hopes Russia won't sell missiles to Syria"  Hopes? "Kerry warns Russia against selling high-performance missiles to Syria"   Washington Post makes it 'warns', but it is still ''hopes'.

"Israel Cozies Up to China"  Note how Barry can't get Bibi to do a thing about the settlements, but China asks and a sudden freeze appears, and the Jew-controlled American media hides why.
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