Saturday, May 11, 2013

With a 'T'

"Malcolm Shabazz's Suspicious Death"  "Malcolm X’s Grandson Describes Inhumane FBI Arrest"  Note the arrest to stop him from going to the Hollywoodism conference in Iran, and the connections to Libya and Syria.

On being thrown from a high building:
  1. "Mossad agents murdered my husband, says widow of billionaire arms dealer"
  2. "Ashraf Marwan"
  3. "More on the death of Ashraf Marwan"
  4. "Ashraf Marwan's shoes"
"Call over Israeli West Bank goods" "SodaStream "treats us like slaves," says Palestinian factory worker"

"Unexpected twists in case of deadly blast at Texas fertilizer plant"  We still have no idea what really happened in Texas or in Boston, and the 'evidence' is just as weak or non-existent in either case (in Texas, I should think that not having a pipe bomb would make you a suspicious person).  Speaking of no evidence (if you read the article carefully there is nothing):  "'Mounting Evidence' Boston Bombers Involved in 2011 Triple Murder" (note the emptied fireworks have moved from the 'landfill', an implausible place for the FBI to find them, to 'Planet Aid charity donation bins', a ridiculous place for anybody to pick who was trying to hide evidence).

"Suspect in Boston Bombing Talked Jihad in Russia"  There are two kinds of guys who 'talk jihad':
  1. jihadists; and
  2. American agents trying to infiltrate jihadist groups.

Given what we know about Uncle Ruslan and Graham Fuller, I am surprised the American media isn't giving this one a rest.

It is the cover-up that always gets them:
  1. "Benghazi emails reveal CIA-State Department turf war: Administration officials";
  2. "White House scrambles to contain Benghazi-gate fallout".
You might wonder why Nuland still has a job until you realize that she is a propaganda agent for World Jewry.  What she was trying to hide is the tip of the iceberg of the Benghazi conspiracy.

With a 'T':  "The U.S. has Spent $8 Trillion Protecting the Straits of Hormuz"
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