Friday, June 07, 2013

Americans aren't wise people

Exactly the kind of nonsense you are going to be seeing:
"Let me restate: Thus far, the fact that the government is maintaining a data base of all calls, for use as a retroactive asset in a campaign against terror that represents an actual geopolitical reality. The value of such a data-base to the interception of communication by terror organizations is apparent and demonstrable."
Bullshit.  "Actual geopolitical reality"?  "Apparent and demonstrable"?    As Bunk and McNulty might say - 'Fuck'.  Note that Simon's comment acknowledges something he made fun of in the rhetorical posturing of his article.

Simon writes as if he knows what he is talking about (and believes his critics can't read), and his considerable reputation will be used as part of Obama's 'debate', a 'debate' which will rely on Islamophobia to allow the NSA to continue to do the mass collecting of communications data (not to mention the inevitable mining of this data).  Loss of privacy is usually not immediately noticeable, and fear of the imaginary Moooooooslim under the bed is a powerful motivator.

It is too bad that Americans won't consider the lessons of other totalitarian states, where similar imaginary fears - almost always based on 'terrorism', or its equivalent, from an outside group slurred for some political purpose (in this case, needless to say, it is World Jewry slurring Muslims so Jews can kill people and steal their land in the Middle East, ironic as Jews have so often been the on the other side of this phenomenon) - have led to similar losses of privacy, and inevitable eventual complete political disaster.  Wise people stop this kind of thing in the bud, as they know this data will, certainly, be misused.

This is an excellent opportunity for Americans to acknowledge that:
  1.  most 'terrorism' against Americans, and all 'terrorism' ascribed to Moooooooslims, is the work of the American government or some foreign government - well, if we're being honest, one foreign government in particular - trying to attack Islam using 'false flags' for political purposes, 
  2. the Global War On Terror is a complete crock of shit, and 
  3. the United States is on its way to becoming a full-fledged third world country/failed state/totalitarian nightmare unless it ceases this terrorism obsession.
Difficult as it may be to imagine, 'terrorism' used to be something that might have happened in Paris in the 1890s, and war was an unnatural state that a well-run country attempted to avoid at all costs.
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