Friday, June 07, 2013

Lost all credibility

"Oh, And One More Thing: NSA Directly Accessing Information From Google, Facebook, Skype, Apple And More" Barry is the perfect guy for building the Panopticon - the Republicans love this kind of authoritarianism, and the Democrats will never seriously criticize the most progressive man who has ever walked the planet (see also the one-two punch of Rice and Power).  Polite outrage will focus on the stuff for which they have FISA warrants, and will fade away.  Once this kind of structure is built, you can never get rid of it.

"The New York Times Quietly Softened Its Scathing Obama Editorial"

I wonder which 'Do Evil' company built the search engines for the NSA.  The historical problem with total data collection is that you become overwhelmed with all the information.  Searching made the Panopticon possible.

Note also how this authoritarian structure ties directly to Islamophobia (and note it is 'anti-Semitic' to suggest who is behind this preoccupation), without which it couldn't exist, which, when you think about it, is bizarre.  And very sad.  Americans are fucked, and some of us know why.

Sometimes when I am reading some bullshit, I just enjoy the hell out of a sentence (or part of a sentence - the punctuation is messed up):  "Though the U.S. was loath to use one of the special new weapons because of its extremely high $3.5-million cost (the overall cost of developing the new weapon was $500-million)."  Just think of all the generals staying awake all night worrying about that $3.5-million cost!

"JNF will not fund Clinton speech" 'Will not' means in the future, but the last reporting went out of its way to make it clear that they had already paid him. This is just nonsense and obfuscation.  They are going through a few more hoops to pass Bill the bribe (and an anticipated 30 years of bellying up to the trough explains a lot of Barry's actions).

It is not just the Americans using police state tactics to bully journalists and whistleblowers:  "Military police teams probed leaks to Citizen reporter in 2011" "Canadian Forces called in its top cops to find reporter’s source: newspaper"

"When Israel compensated Germans for land in Palestine"  Given the Jewish reliance on legalese to do evil, this acknowledgment of the Nakba should come in handy.
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