Saturday, June 29, 2013


You might ask why the Jewish Billionaires have instructed their chattel slaves Barry/Kerry to go through the motions of another round of peace 'negotiations' that everybody knows is a complete waste of time. As usual, the Israelis even use it as an opportunity to embarrass the Americans ("Israel Approves Settlements Before Kerry Visit").  The neocons can't even be bothered to pretend any more, but the Soroscons still think there is value in reinforcing the notion that the Jews actually want peace, and are tragically stymied in their efforts by those awful war-loving, Jew-hating Palestinians:  "Lucy, Charlie Brown, and the football".  The key, as always, is to buy time with phony negotiation attempts while continuing to build 'facts on the ground'.

 "Israel / Palestine: What will Obama do?"  by Alison Weir

"Brzezinski on the Syria Crisis":
"Heilbrunn: Here we are five years into the Obama administration, and you’re stating that the West is engaging in “mass propaganda.” Is Obama being drawn into Syria because he’s too weak to resist the status quo? What happened to President Obama that brought us here?
Brzezinski: I can’t engage either in psychoanalysis or any kind of historical revisionism. He obviously has a difficult problem on his hands, and there is a mysterious aspect to all of this. Just consider the timing. In late 2011 there are outbreaks in Syria produced by a drought and abetted by two well-known autocracies in the Middle East: Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He all of a sudden announces that Assad has to go—without, apparently, any real preparation for making that happen. Then in the spring of 2012, the election year here, the CIA under General Petraeus, according to The New York Times of March 24th of this year, a very revealing article, mounts a large-scale effort to assist the Qataris and the Saudis and link them somehow with the Turks in that effort. Was this a strategic position? Why did we all of a sudden decide that Syria had to be destabilized and its government overthrown? Had it ever been explained to the American people? Then in the latter part of 2012, especially after the elections, the tide of conflict turns somewhat against the rebels. And it becomes clear that not all of those rebels are all that “democratic.” And so the whole policy begins to be reconsidered. I think these things need to be clarified so that one can have a more insightful understanding of what exactly U.S. policy was aiming at."
It is hilarious how Brzezinski pretends to be mystified by Barry's strange shifts, while he, and presumably anybody with a brain, knows that the shifts in policy are based entirely on the demands of the Jewish Billionaires.  The biggest shift was caused by the recent victory by the Syrian government at Qusair, regarded in Israel as dangerously symbolic of an Iranian win.  Some settlers ordered some Israeli generals to order some Israeli politicians to order the American Jewish Billionaires to order Barry to do a 180 on U. S. policy.  Barry thought the shift was too ridiculous and embarrassing and dangerous to real American interests even for a chattel slave, so the Jewish Billionaires temporarily (?) replaced Barry with President Ben Rhodes - whose qualifications as a failed novelist make him perfect to be the 45th American President - to do the job.

Part of the program to deter Hezbollah from further successful efforts in Syria is the threat to take the battle to Lebanon itself:  "Ahmed Al-Assir, the pawn in Lebanon".  A full civil war in Lebanon would satisfy Zionist interests - a Yinon-style break-up, allowing the Jews to steal land and water, the big current stealing obsession of World Jewry - and Gulf State interests - keeping Hezbollah preoccupied at home and not helping the Syrian government.  Of course, the human tragedy involved is of no concern to these monsters (or the monsters of the 'left').

"Dershowitz and Finkelstein: comrades at heart?"  The job of the lite Zionists like Finkelstein (and Weiss, and J Street, etc, etc) is to present the idea that Jewish violent group supremacists aren't really a monolithic land stealing, Arab murdering, group of monsters, thus buying the Jewish group collective more time for . . . land stealing and Arab murdering.  Dershowitz' job is to make Finkelstein seem more credible by playing the heavy while representing old-school Zionism. Of course, real anti-Zionists like Atzmon are marginalized as bigots and haters.  I have never seen such a transparently obvious trick.

"‘New York Times’ profile of group bent on sanctioning Iran fails to mention Israel connections" Bipartisan Coalition for American Security - 'bipartisan' means Jewish and crooked.

"4 Are Named in Scheme to Pocket Aid for Israel"  I don't know if the pattern is violent Jewish group supremacism or just plain crookedness, so lets compromise and settle on both.

"French Jewish Supremacist Fails in Bid to Cover Up Zionist Crime"  "Leading critic of French al-Dura coverage convicted"  Note that this was one of the most outrageous hasbara attempts ever, a ridiculous counter-story in the face of clear videotape evidence to the contrary - 'who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes'.  The great thing about violent group supremacists is that the constant hasbara defeats - defeats which hurt their cause in the eyes of all moral and decent people - have no effect on the Jews.  Hasbara is directed entirely inwardly at the Jews themselves, and is actually just a form of group self-aggrandizement, a fact which is invisible to the supremacists.

"Ecuadorean Disarray Clouds Snowden Bid" The Americans are employing the full dirty tricks kit to Ecuador, which includes blaming everything on Assange's 'meddling':  "Ecuador Cools on Edward Snowden Asylum as Assange Frustration Grows"

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