Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Assange versus Google:  "The Banality of ‘Don’t Be Evil’"  Google's slogan is quite clearly 'Be Evil'.

"Bill Clinton takes a cool half-million from Jewish National Fund for speech in Israel":
". . . the sum was transferred to Clinton nearly a year in advance to guarantee his participation."
Peculiar wording. Did they buy him? Comment by 'irmep':
"It would be useful to build and update a time-series chart of direct, indirect, and delayed payments made to US presidents in furtherance of Israeli objectives, starting with Harry S Truman through Obama. The (latest) Clinton payment would be “indirect, delayed” since it flows through a foundation and is made after he left office, while bundled payments on Truman’s whistle stop campaign would be “direct, delayed” since it was cash and went into the campaign coffer and could be used for anything, but was made after recognition. LBJ’s hundreds of thousands in cash from Abraham Feinberg (as detailed in The Samson Option) would also be categorized as “direct, immediate” since it flowed in during favors (ignoring USS Liberty attack, NUMEC diversion, etc)."
"Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo 'was paid thousands to spy in Middle East'" ("During the interview, he was warned about what happens to Muslims who don’t help the Government . . ."). At some point, we are all going to wake up and realize just how badly we are being played by the Security Industrial Complex.

"Open letter from Alice Walker to Alicia Keys"  "Alicia Keys refuses to cancel TA concert"  "Alicia Keys' husband Swizz Beatz 'owes more than $2.7m in unpaid taxes'" "Alicia Keys talks tour, motherhood, Clive Davis": "But Clive is an incredible, special human being in my life, and he has such a special place for me."
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