Thursday, June 20, 2013

The I-Word

Google's position is that it has these wonderful algorithms that kick out search results on a purely objective basis.

"Google and google searches: Jerusalem"

"Google and Jerusalem"

"Google and Wikipedia: "Google isn't getting it all from Wiki""

And yet, we know they are messing with the search results:  "Google neuters Google Gaydar".  They have apparently been embarrassed into fixing their censorship of the concept of Patrick Buchanan, a man whose isolationism is not 'good for the Jews'.

Sailer on Snowden's careful conspiracy:  "Snowden: Don't mention the I-Word!"  Also on the difference between blackmail and an attempt to obtain damages where local officials are corrupted by a powerful group:  "Stifling whistleblowers"

"Google's deep CIA and NSA connections"

"Bitcoin" by Michael Betancourt. Amazing that the bug/feature of the alternative to fiat currency is complete loss of privacy, something which suits late capitalism very well.  Yet we've been taught to believe Bitcoin is part of the fight against Big Brother.

"Heavy Pressure Led to Decision by Obama on Syrian Arms":
"His ambivalence about the decision seemed evident even in the way it was announced. Mr. Obama left it to a deputy national security adviser, Benjamin J. Rhodes, to declare Thursday evening that the president’s “red line” on chemical weapons had been crossed and that support to the opposition would be increased. At the time, Mr. Obama was addressing a gay pride event in the East Room. On Friday, as Mr. Rhodes was again dispatched to defend the move at a briefing, the president was hosting a Father’s Day luncheon in the State Dining Room."

Who is this Ben Rhodes guy who seems to be running American foreign policy in the absence of Barry even though he is young, came out of nowhere (and, miracle of miracles, has a brother who came out of nowhere to become the president of CBS News), and whose main qualification is that he is a failed novelist?

"NYT’s Rhodes to Nowhere: A Cipher in the Oval Office" by Russ Baker" (see also "Who is Ben Rhodes?"):
"We don’t really learn much about Rhodes’s either, beyond the fact that he is quietly pushing for more US intervention in Syria, on the heels of a successful push to convince a supposedly reticent Obama to bomb the heck out of Libya, purportedly for human rights reasons."
and (this is the sort of thing that creates conspiracy theorists):
"Though the Times never underlines this, the careful reader comes to realize that Rhodes’s guiding philosophy is as hard to discern as the precise reasons that he has the president’s ear. In 1997, he briefly worked on the re-election campaign of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Republican. Shortly after 9/11, the aspiring novelist suddenly decided to do his part for society, moving in 2002 from Queens to Washington, and quickly found himself “helping draft the 9/11 Commission report as well as the Iraq Study Group report.”

The Times, of course, does not think it is worth pointing out how strange this is. It is almost as if all 24-year-olds with no apparent credentials of any kind go directly to explaining the most massively controversial and complex set of circumstances to the American people.

We are never even told what kind of education Rhodes got, or where, or whether he has ever been anything beyond an aspiring novelist. There’s no indication of what he did on Giuliani’s campaign (he would only have been about 19 or 20 at the time) or whether his preference for the mayor who presided over the 9/11 response had anything to do with his going to Washington, or miraculously being hired by Democrat Lee Hamilton to explain 9/11 to the public.

From these improbable beginnings, Rhodes is suddenly a speechwriter on Obama’s presidential campaign. How did he come to Obama’s attention? The article doesn’t say. However, it does note that the Iraq Study group report on which Rhodes worked “was a template for the anti-Iraq war positions taken by Barack Obama” as a senator and candidate."
and (I find this stuff hilarious):
"Almost as an afterthought about this fellow who rocketed from obscurity to being one of Obama’s most influential advisors, the writer, quoting Rhodes’ older brother on the family’s baseball feud, notes that the brother “is now the president of CBS News.” Searching sources other than the Times, we find that David Rhodes was a production assistant at the fledgling Fox News Channel around the same time Benjamin was volunteering for Giuliani—and was the conservative channel’s news desk Assignment Manager when the planes struck the Twin Towers. Highly trusted by Fox’s chairman Roger Ailes, he managed Fox’s coverage of three presidential elections, including the one where his brother was writing Obama’s speeches, was hired by Bloomberg TV right after Obama’s election, and in 2011 was named president of CBS News."
Of course, the answer:
"The son of a conservative-leaning Episcopalian father from Texas and a more liberal Jewish mother from New York . . . "
I don't call them 'wars for the Jews' for nothing.
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