Saturday, July 06, 2013

Coup, what coup?

The Saudi role in the Egyptian coup was to promise the army that it would replace American funding of Egypt - which is actually just more funding of Israel, as the money is a bribe to keep Egypt from interfering with Zionist colonialism - should the Americans decide that they had to stop Egyptian funding as the forced removal of the elected government of Egypt was a 'coup' under American law.  Due to the Jewish influence over Washington, there was almost no chance that Obama would obey clear American law and stop the funding, but the consequences to the Egyptian 1% of a sudden cut-off were regarded as so extreme that the army needed the Saudi assurances to get rid of Morsi.  There is not a shred of evidence of American involvement in any of this, and the American Egyptian embassy is so incompetently run that it appears the Americans were as astonished by the coup as they were by the removal of Mubarak.

It may well be that Qatar has been completely removed from the geopolitical picture in the Middle East, along with the idea that the Arab Spring can be managed through the use of establishment conservative Islam (e.g., the Muslim Brotherhood).  It would be nice if Americans were to come to the realization that Bandar Bush's alternative, rule by the lung-eaters and their ilk, isn't good for real American interests.

"Inverted colonialism"  It is long past time for Europeans to start wearing brown paper bags over their heads out of the sheer embarrassment.

"US Ambassador to Austria Reportedly Responsible for False Claim Snowden Was on Bolivian Leader’s Plane"  The American tendency of appointing ambassadors based on the amount of money delivered to the sitting President is, again, paying off:
"Eacho was one of Obama’s biggest campaign fundraisers, and he helped raise over $500,000."
To be fair, the idiot American ambassador to Egypt is a career diplomat.

Alicia Keys makes the gossip pages (the comments are funny).

"On The Jewish Question"  This appears to have been written under the influence of drugs and is completely devoid of evidence of any editing assistance, but the fact it is so explicit and appears in Counterpunch is interesting.

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