Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"Yellen v. Summers: What is and what should never be respectable identity politics" by Steve Sailer (my emphasis in red; it explains a lot):
". . . anybody mentioning that if either Summers or Yellen gets the post, then the 98% gentile majority of America won't have held the Fed Chairman's post from 1987 through 2018. Noticing that is simply beyond the pale, even though the Fed Chairman post is not simply a technocratic macroeconomic position, but is also a major regulator of financiers. 
I don't know much about Yellen, but Larry has been a big personality for a long time. I've written four articles defending him in the 2005 evolutionary psychology brouhaha. But, as a regulator, Larry is representative of the dominant tendency of the last generation in both parties (such as Larry's mentor Robert E. Rubin for the Democrats and Greenspan/Bernanke for the Republicans): pro-Wall Street economists or operators who tend to see attempts to regulate billionaires as at least subliminally anti-Semitic. 
There's a lot to be said for this dominant standpoint, but let's also be clear that it has been dominant, and that it might well be time to try somebody, at least for a change, who doesn't suspect effective regulation of financiers is the first step to Nazism.

But of course we can't even mention this, so forget I ever said it."
"New York Times camouflaging Jewish lock on Fed"  It is gracious of the Jews to give Americans a woman from which to choose, allowing them to take a poke at the famously misogynist Summers.  The Fed must be run by a Jew as control of the American economy is necessary for the efficient building of the Zionist Empire.

"Senate Dems Signal That Summers To Fed Is A No-Go"  Real power is when you are the 'front-runner' despite the fact everybody loathes you and thinks you are an incompetent buffoon.

"Jewish success– is it ever a story?"  Real power is when you run everything for your group supremacist purposes, but can prevent anybody mentioning what you are up to.

"Obama was one of the leakers of Summers at Fed speculation, columnist says" (Rubin pushing for Summers).  "Right now, Larry Summers is the front-runner for Fed chair" (Ezra Klein pushing for Rubin).  "The love that really dare not speak its name"
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