Friday, July 19, 2013

Game changers?

"Hague court 'expected' Nigeria to arrest Sudan's Bashir. It didn't. (+video)"  The International Criminal Court is just an embarrassing stooge of Zionism.

Funny:  "UK Foreign Secretary Supports Prosecution of War Crimes" by Felicity Arbuthnot.

"China, Russia block UN condemnation of Iran missile tests"  Hopefully, the start of a trend caused by the world's disgust at Zionist-American imperialism.

"US Navy successfully lands advanced unmanned drone on aircraft carrier, the future of warfare is here"  The technology of mass murder.

"EU takes tougher stance on Israeli settlements"  The pusillanimous Eurotrash never do anything like this, so I'm wondering if it has something to so with European agribusiness worried about the unfair competition from Israeli businesses operating on stolen land.

"Fox News Warns Al-Qaeda Could 'Hack Your Car & Crash It'"  The usual Islamophobic nonsense, but unfortunate timing when people are thinking about the Hastings crash.

"Foxman helped mobilize wealthy AIPAC board member to obtain Clinton pardon of Marc Rich"  Unusual view of the political corruption behind the outrageous Rich pardon.

"Pro-Israel blog removes photo of Alicia Keys meeting soldiers’ supporter"  It was supposed to be about peace and love and the international language of music, or some such crap, and this doesn't fit the narrative.

In contrast:  "Stevie Wonder Is Done With Florida Until They Get Rid Of Its Stand-Your-Ground Law"  Worth it for the Twitter feed alone.

Atwood's $1 million signature:  "Margaret Atwood signs on to Canadian letter opposing Palestinian evictions"  Most of the comments are good.  This transfer will be an enormous crime.
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