Monday, July 15, 2013

'Improving' the lies

"RT source: Israeli strike on Syria was carried out from Turkish base"  "Turkish FM denies Israel used Turkish base in Syria attack"  This is a superb Russian dirty trick, taking the original Israeli propaganda nonsense and elaborating on it in a way that embarrasses both Israel and the Turkish government.  Since the Israelis have already 'improved' the original Mossad propaganda, they are hardly in a position to quibble about yet another 'improvement'.

"American-Arab group calls on MLB to fire Jonathan Mael for smearing Jets’ Oday Aboushi"  It is extremely minor league of Major League Baseball to be waiting around hoping that the slurring will blow over so they don't have to fire Mael.  I can't fathom how he can ever be effective for them as a 'media coordinator' when his first act was to become part of a big, dirty, embarrassing story.

"Anyone But Larry Summers . . ."  Summers is the quintessential example of the incompetent second generation of Jewish Americans who succeeded solely by riding the connections of the extremely competent first generation.  We're on to the third generation, and things are getting very grim indeed.

"“Russian” Oligarchs Mostly Zionist Supremacists, says Israeli Media"

"Surveillance dystopia looms"

"Only 1 Percent of “Terrorists” Caught By the FBI are Real"  And that 1% is never caught through the operations of the Panopticon.
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