Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saudi subtlety

"Gulf States Embrace Post-Brotherhood Egypt"  $8 billion isn't subtle.

"Sudden Improvements in Egypt Suggest a Campaign to Undermine Morsi"  "Did the “Deep State” Sabotage Morsi?"  The role of the Egyptian 1%.

"Merkel Rejects NSA Comparison With Communist East German Stasi"  She would know.  "Frau Bankster"

"Oligarch Valley: How Beverly Hills billionaire farmers Lynda and Stewart Resnick profit from the Iran sanctions they lobbied for"  These Jewish billionaires are so evil in so many ways they almost sound like an anti-Semitic caricature.

"NSA PRISM UPSTREAM Slides Differ"  How could that happen?

"Intelligence panels cut off aid to Syrian rebels by restricting funds"  Note how the Egyptian coup had the Jewish billionaires instruct the same Jewslaves to do a 180 degree turn.  The advantage of the Saudi approach to the Middle East over the Qatari approach is that the Saudi promotion of the lung-eaters is so obviously insane that it even scares the Jewish billionaires.

"Did Israel Attack Syria?"  An attack on Silverstein's bizarre Israeli propaganda.

"The journalistic practices of the Washington Post and Walter Pincus"  "Washington Post Makes Bizarre, Factually Incorrect Claims About Glenn Greenwald, Can't Figure Out How To Update" Comment by Anonymous Coward (and photo further down from Rikuo):
"Here's why it takes so long for an 80-year-old to correct a mistake: Do you know how long it takes to find a bottle of Wite-Out these days?"
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