Thursday, July 04, 2013

The coup in Egypt

The Angry Arab on Egypt:  "A coup, not a revolution":
"It is quite a show to watch Egyptian liberals and some leftists cheering a reactionary military coup by the man, Sisi, who has been in charge of Egyptian-Israeli military-intelligence cooperation.  Sisi is the man who tightened the siege of Gaza and who serviced Israel more than it was serviced in Mubarak's days.  This is a man who killed Egyptians and Palestinians to win US and Israeli approval.  I understand that the AUC crowd is happy and that some of them have classist contempt for the Islamists and think of them as uncouth and backward, but how can one not see a coup when one is taking place on TV screens?  No one has more detestation than the Ikhwan but Sisi and his other henchmen have less legitimacy than even the lousy Morsi.  Any popular legitimacy that is lent to Sisi can permit him in the future to overthrow a different elected government, perhaps a progressive government.  The battle against the Ikhwan should proceed side-by-side with a battle against the military dictators of Egypt who serve US-Israeli alliance.  Lastly, I wish to point out that the Likudnik House of Saud media, like Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat (mouthpiece of Prince Salman and his sons) are very pleased with Sisi.  That should be indicative."

There is a summary of the most recent Egyptian election results in Wikipedia. Although a lot of people opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood didn't vote in protest, the will of the people is quite clear. Unless the army actually bars the Muslim Brotherhood, I imagine the next set of results will be similar, and the anger at army involvement may actually increase support for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Of course, it is arguable that the election was fixed by the vast amounts of Qatari money that poured into the MB party coffers.

"Saudi king congratulates Egypt's new interim president"

"Insight: Smooth Qatar handover rooted in turbulent past of 'Father Emir'"  "Qatar's emir congratulates Egypt's new interim leader - QNA"  Did the Egyptian coup have to await the Qatari transfer of power?

"President al-Assad in interview to al-Thawra newspaper: What is  happening in Egypt is fall of so-called "Political Islam""  "Morsi role at Syria rally seen as tipping point for Egypt army"  "What would the fall of Morsi mean to the Islamists?"  Is the Egyptian army's move part of a bigger plan to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from the political equation across the Middle East, leaving the battle between the secularists and the lung-eaters?

Some rhetorical flourishes notwithstanding, World Jewry was quite happy with Morsi, and all indications were that Morsi was assisting in every was possible with Jewish 'security' concerns and the usual Jewish killing and land stealing.  It may be that Morsi's remarkable misreading of the seriousness of the situation reflects his view that his playing so nicely with the Jews meant that the Americans would never allow the Egyptian army to remove him.

"Guest Post: Egyptians Love Us For Our Freedom"
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