Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Snowden Effect

"Questions for Snowden" by Walter Pincus.  Pincus isn't your typical 'journalist'/toady asshole, but here he is trying to slur Snowden by suggesting that Snowden is just part of some Wikileaks stunt (the assumption being that all Americans will assume Assange is the devil).  If Pinkus is willing to wreck his stellar reputation, official Washington must indeed be terrified.

"snowden just keeps getting weirder"  Joking or . . . ?  Even if he is joking, this is exactly why mass surveillance is the antithesis of democracy.  What do you have if all your elected representatives are puppets on strings controlled by blackmail?

"Snowden: NSA lying, collecting all communications into and out of US"  The real story.

"New insights into the PRISM program"  Analysis of the four 'new' slides - you know, the ones that suddenly appeared after we were told it would be illegal to release them (!) - together with a comment by Barton Gellman.

"Google's internal spy system was Chinese hacker target"  If you are so stupid you are willing to trust Google and the American government with all your secrets, are you equally willing to trust the Chinese government?

Cryptome's title for this (pdf) is:  "First Booz Allen Casualty of Snowden Affair?"

"NSA Rejecting Every FOIA Request Made by U.S. Citizens"

"Secret FISA Court Widens Power Of NSA To Spy On Us All"  Given the blanket rubber-stamp surveillance approvals, and the fact the NSA doesn't think it needs court approval anyway, it might just be time to retire the idea that 'judicial scrutiny' makes everything OK.

"Michael Hastings Contacted WikiLeaks Before His Death"

"Julian Assange Isn't WikiLeaks"  Even faux hipsters think there is money to be made in the Assange slurring business.  Given the fact that Wikileaks was infiltrated by forces attempting  to destroy it, I think it is fair to say that Assange is Wikileaks.

"The Snowden Effect: definition and examples"

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