Sunday, July 14, 2013

Under pressure

Just at the time that even the contemptible and traitorous Jewslaves in Congress are having cold feet at assisting the lung-eaters, the neocons at the Washington Post call for even more American intervention in Syria!  Bizarre, but an indication that the battle between the Soroscons and the neocons continues over which group of Jews is entitled to instruct the Americans on how to destroy themselves.

The incomprehensible is an indication that pressure is mounting:
  1. "NY Jets' Oday Aboushi unfairly compared to alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez by employee on Twitter";
  2. "New York Jets’ Oday Aboushi faces anti-Palestinian smears" (on the tiny chance that the motivation isn't clear, note that Mael had been an AIPAC intern);
  3. "MLB new media coordinator compares Palestinian NFL player to Aaron Hernandez";
  4. "The Slandering of NY Jet Oday Aboushi";
  5. "‘Poor journalism’: NBC’s Mohyeldin calls out ‘NYT’ for refusing to name 3 writers who smeared Oday Aboushi"
How is it even possible that Jonathan Mael still has a job?  I'm serious.  Does major League Baseball condone this kind of behavior?  It is not like he sells hot dogs.  He is a 'new media coordinator'.  His tweets are MLB tweets.

Pressure seems to be the only explanation for both Pincusgate and the evisceration of the original story:
  1. "Washington Post's WikiLeaks/Snowden/Greenwald Conspiracy Theory"
  2. "What the Snowden Affair Reveals About US Journalism"
  3. "The real story in the NSA scandal is the collapse of journalism"

"Mohammed Attar Interviews Noam Chomsky" Note how Noam gets through the entire interview without actually saying anything except for smearing Assad.

Israel, incapable of coming to a decision on what to do, is reduced to taking credit for things others have done (if, in fact, anything was done at all):  "Report: Israeli submarine strike hit Syrian arms depot"

"No Evidence for Charge Iran Linked to JFK Terror Plot"  There never is any real evidence linking either Iran or Hezbollah to any terror plot.

"CIA whistleblower's advice to Snowden"  "John Kiriakou Letter 16 June 2013"
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