Sunday, July 07, 2013


"Have We All Been Fooled By Edward Snowden?" (via Tuesday Night Buzz).  Snowden has been consistently ultra-libertarian, but acceptance of - indeed, promotion of - extreme government intrusion under Bush suddenly did a 180 when Obama became President.  Of course, if this is just a CIA long-con, Snowden's internet presence may have been coached all along.  Who knows what he really thinks.

"EU to vote to suspend U.S. data sharing agreements, passenger records amid NSA spying scandal"  "PRISM fallout could cost US cloud industry billions, warns Europe's digital chief"

"Ad-Blocker Ghostery Actually Helps Advertisers, If You “Support” It"  "Ad Blocking Tool Ghostery Sends Data To The Ad Industry"

"Google is accused of paying Adblock Plus to show Google ads"  "How to disable ‘Acceptable Ads’ whitelist in Adblock Plus [Guide]"

"Android uses code written by NSA"  "NSA Has Legitimate Code Running in Linux Kernel and Android"  Does 'open source' protect us?  A Reddit discussion, referring to the Underhanded C Contest.

"Lockdown"  I wonder if the end of Google Reader is a page-view issue, somehow affecting Google revenues.

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