Monday, August 12, 2013

A failed Presidency

I knew that Obama wasn't going to reduce the NSA spying in any way shape or form - it is now too bound up with the entire American political and economic system, not to mention the wealth and position of the 1% - but what surprises me is the sheer artlessness in his attempt to disguise the fact he is not doing anything.  The 1% can usually count on a certain quality of bullshit from Barry, but on this file it appears to be all he can do from screaming at anyone who even slightly questions what is going on (and Snowden obviously drives him completely out of his mind). The condescension, always near the surface when he deigns to speak on any subject, fairly bubbles over.  What happened to that silver-tongued devil?

If you wade through the crap, you will see that his big solution to the problem is to add, 'in appropriate cases', some sort of 'civil liberties advocate' to present the opposing case to the rubber stamp to the FISA court, just before the rubber stamp comes down (and remember this is a 'court' which the NSA doesn't even feel compelled to visit for a rubber stamp most of the time).  It is ludicrous, and insulting to the American people.  Even more insulting is his assertion that he was working on this before anyone had heard of Snowden (in secret, naturally, and his statement that he was working on it is obviously a bare-faced lie), and Snowden's revelations just buggered up what would have been his most excellent solution.

Obama's inability to deal with this - and I must ask if he is being blackmailed by the NSA - is going to define his failed Presidency.
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