Saturday, August 31, 2013

Medals for bravery

In case you were still wondering for whom Wars For The Jews are fought:  "Jewish Press Unleash Hatred against Britain"  The British government should give medals - for bravery! - to every single Member of Parliament who voted down this latest travesty.

I have no doubt that the Syrian chemical attack, if in fact there was a chemical attack (and Barry's haste to attack may just be a way of ensuring we never find out), was a false flag, but I am also absolutely convinced such an attack would require very sophisticated military capabilities, and if the Syrian rebels were involved, they must have had help.  It is much more likely that the attack was by mercenary agents - experts on chemical warfare - working for a Western government (and the document trail still points to the British).

Logical, but mischievous, M K Bhadrakumar:  "Iran can help Obama finesse his legacy".  With the NSA scandal and now this, Barry seems to be in a hurry to ruin his presidency.  Note how the US 'left' is trying very hard not to notice.  The United States entering into yet another war is no longer a 'news' story, but just something on Barry's to-do list.

"Snowden impersonated NSA officials, sources say"  This strongly backs up the idea that Snowden is an asset of the CIA.  (Some might say this can't be true as he disclosed the CIA's ridiculous budget.)

"Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria"  Every word in this article must be a lie.  The Americans would never go along with some massive oil deal for the Russians, and, as evil as Bandar Bush clearly is, an express threat by him against the Olympics is preposterous.  I don't know how many times I've read false stories planted to make it seem Russia is abandoning Assad.

"A note from Roger Waters to Abe Foxman"  Masterful!
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