Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Newspapers, Tor, NSA, SAIC, Chertoff

"3 groups say they topped Henry’s bid for Globe"  "Why Didn't the Boston Globe Sell to the Highest Bidder?"  Henry is the front man.  I think the mystery is solved by the fact they really sold the Globe to Tom Werner (the expected Jewish billionaire, à la Bezos - you don't think these simultaneous sales are a coincidence, do you?).  Werner's name never appears - it is always just Henry described as the new owner, although some reference is made to a holding company - but Werner is briefly mentioned as one of a number of 'possible investors'.  If you read carefully, you can see references to the fact that Henry's main investments have been in big trouble in recent years.  I guess World Jewry is growing tired of the fact it is so incredibly obvious that they control all the media solely for their violent group supremacist purposes.

Tor:  "There we go"  Not the FBI, but the NSA, using a military contractor, SAIC.  "Washington's $8 Billion Shadow"  "Michael Hayden, Privacy and Counterterrorism Frugality Champion"  "Carlyle, Kissinger, SAIC and Halliburton: A 9/11 Convergence"  "SAIC Whistleblower: Offices Empty On The Morning Of 9/11"  "SAIC in Iraq: A Closer Look" (note the 'staggering failures' with the NSA and FBI).

Also:  "PsyOps"  If people become too worried, they will stop trying to be anonymous.

"Michael Hayden, after Escaping Justice, Calls for Other Criminals to Be Made Examples"  Hayden, the go-to guy for comments on the legality and morality of Snowden, works for the Chertoff Group.  You have to laugh.

"Intelligence Officials Can't Keep Story Straight: Snowden Both Did And Did Not Get Key NSA Secrets"  "Crying Wolf, Wolf, Wolf" (Moon of Alabama).  "Snowden Didn't Exactly Wreck the NSA, New Terror Warning Shows"

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