Thursday, August 15, 2013


Somebody in the White House or Pentagon is monitoring the internet guffaws and amending the most ridiculous lies:  "Terrorists turn to online chat rooms to evade US" (my emphasis in red):
"Al-Qaida fighters have been using secretive chat rooms and encrypted Internet message boards for planning and coordinating attacks — including the threatened if vague plot that U.S. officials say closed 19 diplomatic posts across Africa and the Middle East for more than a week.
It's highly unlikely that al-Qaida's top leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, or his chief lieutenant in Yemen, Nasser al-Wahishi, were personally part of the Internet chatter or, given the intense manhunt for both by U.S. spy agencies, that they ever go online or pick up the phone to discuss terror plots, experts say."
and the guffaws continue:
"Exactly how U.S. spy systems picked up the latest threat is classified, and Shawn Turner, spokesman for U.S. National Intelligence Director James Clapper, refused to confirm or deny Katz's analysis on how it might have happened. Intelligence officials have suggested that the plot was detected, in part at least, through NSA surveillance programs that have been under harsh worldwide criticism for privacy intrusions in the name of national security.
It's not clear, however, that even the powerful U.S. spy systems would be able to crack jihadists' encrypted messages without help from the inside."
"Why Have Police In America Turned Into Such Ruthless Thugs?" Canada too: "Did Sammy Yatim beg for chance to call his dad?" Policing is a culture of extreme violence and lawless impunity.

Always remember that you have full constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, unless they conflict with violent Jewish supremacism:  "“Boycott Israel” activist banned from Toronto university"  'Trespass' is the most blatant assertion of the dominance of the 1% over the rest of us, and is only used in a university context to prevent freedom of expression.  York University might as well spell it out and declare itself to be part of Israeli territory.

"Feinstein wants to limit who can be a journalist" If you are paid, you are on the payroll, a 'journalist', and can be trusted to be discrete.  Then, if the government runs into a real journalist who does his or her job despite being paid not to, it just stages an 'accident' or 'suicide'.

I've been thinking more about how incredible it is that with tens of thousands of people involved, including many outside contractors, nobody before Snowden talked about the full scope of NSA snooping.  We have to reset our thinking on all conspiracies in the face of this clear evidence that the conspirators can hide anything, even with large numbers of witnesses/participants.
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