Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Evil Demons

"Egypt’s Army Crosses the Rubicon" by Patrick J. Buchanan:
"The die is cast. The Egyptian army has crossed the Rubicon.

Egypt’s generals cannot now hold elections that a coalition of the Brotherhood and Salafis might win. Were that to happen, many of them could wind up like the shah’s generals, on trays in the morgue."
"The Army Pulled The Trigger, But The West Loaded The Gun"  "Egypt: Paging Samantha Power!"  "The Konyism of Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nations"

The Unwitting Agents of the Imperial Order: “The Wishful Thinking Left” by Jean Bricmont (Bricmont is always spot on):
"The latest example of these tactics is the attempt by Western governments to use the LGBT community as ideological storm troopers against Russia and the Winter Olympics, in a transparent effort to deflect public attention from the embarrassing fact that, in the Snowden affair, it is Russia and not the U.S. that is on the side of freedom. It is to be feared that the humanitarian interventionist Left will jump on the bandwagon of this new crusade. Yet, as Gilad Atzmon has pointed out, with his usual slightly provocative style, it is unlikely that this will do any good to the LGBT community in Russia, since this sort of support allows their opponents to brand them as bearers of foreign influence. It is not a good idea for any minority, anywhere in the world, to be seen as agents of a foreign power, and least of all, of a government so hated for its arrogance and its interventionism as the present U.S. administration. And incidentally, the people who call for boycott of the Winter games in Russia had no objection to holding the Olympic games in London, which implies that, in their eyes, taking anti-gay measures is a serious crime, whereas wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are mere peccadillos."
The Jews are upset with Putin for various reasons, hence the completely ridiculous Gay/Jew attack on the Olympics, doomed to fail as the 1% make so much money on having people watch drug addicts run around in circles so more diabetes-causing beverages can be sold.  It is simply outrageous to read Americans embarrassing themselves by complaining about gay-bashing!

"The Many Hats of Washington’s Favorite Rat- A Lobbyist, A Presidential Campaign Advisor, A Snitch, An Attorney, A Civil-Rights Activist …You Name It!" A 'Lobby'-ist . . .

"Inside the Decision to Shut Down Silent Mail"  Silent Mail shut down before it was under government attack in order to preempt having to disclose the data of its customers.  It is now so bad that moral people have to anticipate illegal and unconstitutional American government actions.

The problem of the undetectability of the 'evil demon' (the problem of no longer being able to deliver on promises of security, thus leading customers to a false sense of security):
  1.  "Open Letter to Phil Zimmermann and Jon Callas of Silent Circle, On The Closure of the “Silent Mail” Service"
  2. "Reply to Zooko"
Outstanding list:  "You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Going On with Government Spying on Americans"

"The NSA Is Commandeering the Internet" by Bruce Schneier.  The problem with this is that Schneier assumes the companies involved would want to fight.  We've seen all the biggest ones fall all over themselves to comply, and even volunteer to assist the NSA before they are asked.

"Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans"  The DEA has an official program to sanitize illegal searches by making up a story of how the data was obtained legally, a program which includes lying to judges.
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