Saturday, August 03, 2013

The master key

"An IP owned by the U.S. Senate just edited Snowden on Wikipedia to label him a traitor."  "Nudge Nudge Wink Wink"

"If Only DOJ Hadn’t Burned AP’s Sources …"  The most obvious explanation for this stunt is that they need a demonstration now of the supposed effectiveness of NSA  spying in protecting Americans.

"Obama Starting to Lose It Over Snowden"  I don't think personalizing it with Barry, as entertaining as it is (due to the irony of the obvious pure fascism of Mr. Hope-y Change-y), is helpful.  Would any other American President or possible candidate behave any differently?  We're talking about the keys to the Empire here, and any President will act like a buffoon to protect them.  From the comments, MRW (my emphasis in red):
"The people advising Obama aren’t interested in America. They are only interested in Israel. And Israel has a national, strategic, and economic interest in keeping the security state functioning with the public-private relationships that its defense contractors, security contractors, and telephonic partners provide them. For example, it is inconceivable that the utility AT&T, in its pre-breakup days, would have routed all call record data through an Israeli (foreign) government-backed company for billing of US customers. Now, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, et cetera, do. Further, General Keith Alexander has outsourced US strategic interests to private contractors outside US jurisdiction that cannot be curtailed or controlled directly by US law, or the quaint notion of the express wishes of the American people. They can only be curtailed or controlled by Alexander himself, and as James Bamford pointed out this past month, Alexander as the head of Cyber Command has his own army, navy, and air force that is not under the direct control of the US President."
and Roger Bigod:
"I raised the issue of kabuki re the Amash Amendment. Clearly the vote was an enormous setback for the Surveillance State, an “unwelcome surprise” as we diplomats like to say.
My congressman’s vote is still a mystery. He’s an impressive guy in many ways — worked his way through college and medical school, successful family practice, chain of fast food restaurants, popular with constituents in a safe Republican district. The only part of the Bill of Rights he’s enthusiastic about is the 2nd Amendment.. But he voted for the Amash Amendment. There’s no reason for him to go against the leadership, so I wonder if he got a dispensation. The only reasons I can see for him to vote that way are (1) worry that beyond some point surveillance would be electoral cyanide, (2) recognition that as a member of the Outer Party he and others in his position are easy targets of blackmail.
There are some other mysteries in the Snowden revelations. With the massive surveillance, it should have been easy to unravel the drug trade. This suggests a large involvement by the government. The other obvious target is the financial system. Transactions may be encrypted, but any M&A activity will leave a huge footprint of phone calls, travels to company headquarters, involvement of law and accounting firms. All it would take is one junior analyst to run some social network analysis. I’m cynical enough to believe that all those thousands of underlings were as pure as the driven Snowden."
and Code Name D:
"If you forgive the pop-sociology, what they are doing is actually quite predictable. To Obama – this is a publicity problem, nothing more. It’s Wikileaks all over again, laving it to the grunts and cubical-drones from the press core to clean up the mess while Obama focuses on more important maters.
But I suspect there may be some very different thinking going on here over at the NSA. This is NOT a security operation, but something else entirely. I have argued on my own blog that NSA is more like a deep-data broker. GE has gone on a media blitz promoting deep-data as the next big thing, and GE apparently has significant connections to NSA. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.
In other words, this is more a market agenda, rather than a security agenda. And the data being collected by NSA is not really intended for security, which is likely why they believe NSA is not violating the law. But rather they are collecting information with the intent of giving corporations the privilege of data-mining the data-stores for what ever agenda they wish to bring. It has accord to me that this may be just another approach to selling role-on deodorant.
Privacy rights in this regard are already non-existent. But corporations have been under pressure by consumers to tighten up privacy policies. One possible true function for NSA is to be a means of bypassing these restrictions, allowing corporations to claim they have tight privacy policies while secretly mining the data behind the NSA security curtain. This may also be about industrial espionage as well, with NSA pulling for US corporations against competition from Europe, China, and India.
All speculation of course. So perhaps I should go and take my anti-conspiracy theorist medications before I find connection to 911."
You can see how this one issue ties together the control of the Jewish billionaires (with their violent Jewish group supremacist goals) over American politics using bribery and blackmail, the deepest interests of the military-industrial complex, the Wars For The Jews, the privatization of the military tools of empire (as seen, for example, at Benghazi, and in the Endgame/Barrett Brown/Michael Hastings matrix), the phony 'war on drugs', the phony Global War On Terror, and the Wall Street shenanigans (with the always Jewish regulators unwilling to regulate the crimes of the 1% because it would be 'anti-Semitic' to do so).  The NSA Panopticon is the master key to all the biggest conspiracies.

Watch for Barry to pull an Obamacare trick, where he identifies the problem and 'solves' it while preserving the entire NSA spying apparatus.
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